Test method of the anemometer

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-12
Digital anemometer testing with an average wind speed and turbulence components ( Wind turbulence of 1 ~ 150 KHZ, and the changes of different) The test. Method to test the average wind speed has a thermal type, ultrasonic type, impeller type and skin drag pipe at the way is to test the sensor cooling when the resistance change due to the wind, the wind speed test. Can't draw the wind information. In addition to the easy and convenient to carry, high cost performance ratio, standard products are widely used as an anemometer. Thermal anemometer subtype eumelanin has used platinum wire, electric coupling, semiconductor, but my company use platinum coil. The material of the platinum wire zui stability on the matter. Therefore, long-term stability, and has advantages in terms of temperature compensation. Photoelectric anemometer wind vane response of the sensor light metal with low inertia wind direction, driven in coaxial encoder, the encoder by gray code coding and optoelectronic scanning, electrical signal output corresponding to the direction of the wind. Photoelectric type of wind speed sensor with low inertia wind cup, the wind spin, driven in coaxial cutting discs, optoelectronic scanning output pulse sequence, output corresponding to the pulse frequency corresponding to the value of the revolution, is advantageous for the collecting and processing. High strength, good start, in line with the state meteorological measurement standards; Built-in electronic compass the wind sensor, automatic positioning direction Angle, can be installed in a fixed place, also can be in mobile places ( Such as special vehicles, ships, drilling platform, etc. ) Install anemometer turn wheel probe digital anemometer turn wheel probe works is based on the moving into electrical signals, after a close first induction at the beginning, to count the rotation of the wheel and generate a pulse series, then through detector conversion processing, can get the speed value. Large diameter probe anemometer ( 60mm,100mm) Suitable for the measurement, small velocity of turbulent flow, As in the pipeline export) 。 Anemometer probe more suitable for measurement of small diameter pipe cross section is greater than the exploration the airflow head cross-sectional area more than 100 times. Digital anemometer in air flow in the positioning of the anemometer turn wheel probe the correct position, the adjustment is the air flow direction parallel to the axle. Gently turn the probe in air, the values will change. When reading zui large value, namely that the probe in the correct position. Measurement in the pipeline, pipe straight part of the starting point to the distance measurement point thrown so 0 xd, turbulent thermal probe of anemometer and the influence of the pitot tube is relatively small. Digital anemometer airflow velocity measurement is proved in the pipe anemometer zui versatile 16 mm probe. Its size is to ensure the good permeability, and can withstand the higher velocity of up to 60 m/s. The pipe flow velocity measurement, as one of the feasible measurement method, indirect measurement protocol ( Grid method) Applicable air measurement.
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