The air negative ion detector COM - Pro 3200 introduced the purpose and function

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-07

air negative ion detector COM - 3200 pro the purpose and function of high precision forestry park scenic area air negative ion detector COM - 3200 pro main use: 1, the textile health product measurement, dynamic measurement of friction

2, colleges and universities, the botanical garden department, forestry, scenic spot measurement

3, the test center of evaluation and plan implementation

4, air purifier, and other products effectiveness evaluation test

5, indoor and outdoor air quality assessment test

6, technical seminars and release.

air negative ion detector COM - 3200 pro simple introduction

features: detector USES the Japanese JIS zui in accurate determination method of ion density in air of coaxial two, that ends it drum

to build, compared with other simple plate type structure, improved accuracy, and comes with a dedicated computer records points

analysis software to record analysis and print the measurement data, connect the computer in the computer control device for automatic operation.

air negative ion detector COM - 3200 pro

a, measuring range: three sections of range set

R1:0 ~ 20000 ions/CC

R2:0 ~ 200000 ions/CC

R3:0 ~ 2000000 ions/CC

display equipment: liquid crystal display.

three, zero adjustment: using software to zero adjustment.

4, computer output: RS - 232 output terminals, can real time will be measured to the data transmission to the computer.

5, the use of power supply: the power cord ( AC100 - 240V) , with rechargeable batteries, dual power supply mode.

6, exterior size: 188 x 110 x 70 mm wide, Excluding protruding objects) 。 1 in weight. 5公斤。

7, using temperature: 5 ~ 35. 0 ℃

use humidity: 85% RH ( No condensation state)

9, temperature measurement, measurement range 0 to 50. 0℃。

10, humidity measurement, measurement range 0 ~ 100% RH.

11, resolution: 10 ions/CC.

12, configuration and accessories: COM - Pro 3200 host, English record analysis software, RS232 - USB cable,

with box, tripod base, tripod, convenient record and analysis the zui detected ions in the air by the average value and value and small zui.

13, equipped with GPRS data transmission device, remote control and analysis of data, automated monitoring.

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