The application and principle of infrared thermometer

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-10

infrared thermometer consists of optical system, optoelectronic detector, signal amplifier, signal processing and display output parts. Optical system convergence within its field of view of target infrared radiation energy, the size of the field by the thermometer optical components and their location. Infrared energy focusing on the photoelectric detector and translated into corresponding electrical signals. The signal after amplifier and signal processing circuit, and according to the instrument after cure correction algorithm and the target of emission rate to the temperature of the measured target.

the infrared diagnosis technology of electric equipment faults and insulation to make reliable predictions, make traditional electrical equipment maintenance of the preventive test ( Prevention trial is 50 s introduction of the former Soviet union) To predict the state overhaul, this also is the direction of the development of modern electric power enterprise. Especially now big units, the development of ultra high voltage, reliable operation of power system, related to the stability of power grid, puts forward higher and higher requirements. With the development of modern science and technology unceasingly mature and perfect increasingly, using infrared condition monitoring and diagnosis technology has a long distance, no contact, no sample, without disassembly, and has the characteristics of rapid, accurate and intuitive, real-time online monitoring and diagnosis of most electrical equipment failure ( Can cover almost all electrical equipment of various fault detection) 。 It has the attention of the electric power industry at home and abroad ( Abroad in general use in the late 70 s an advanced state overhaul system) And get rapid development. Application of infrared detection technology to improve the reliability and effectiveness of electric equipment, improve economic efficiency, operation to reduce the maintenance cost has important meaning. Is currently in the field of predicting maintenance common promotion means of a kind of very good, and make maintenance level and health level one step. Infrared temperature measurement technology in the process of production, the product quality control and monitoring, equipment on-line fault diagnosis and safety protection and energy saving etc played an important role. Over the past 20 years, non-contact infrared thermometer get rapid development in technology, continuously improve performance, functions, varieties, scope of application is expanding, the market share increase year by year. Than the contact temperature measurement method, infrared measuring temperature with fast response time, non-contact, use safety and long service life, etc. Non-contact infrared thermometer including portable, on-line and scanning three series, and equipped with all kinds of options and computer software, and in each series of various types and specifications. In different specifications of the various models in the thermometer, for users to choose the right infrared thermometer model is very important. When using infrared thermometer to measure the target temperature to measure the goal in the first band within the scope of the infrared radiation, then the temperature of the measured target is calculated from thermometer. Monochromatic is proportional to the radiation thermometer and band; Two-color thermometer with two wavelengths is proportional to the ratio of the radiation.

infrared detection is a five-year 'national key scientific and technological achievements to promote projects, infrared detection is a kind of on-line monitoring ( No power outage) High-tech detection technology, its collection of photoelectric imaging technology, computer technology, image processing technology in a body, by receiving the infrared ray emitted by objects ( The infrared radiation) , its thermal image displayed on the screen, so as to accurately judge the temperature distribution on the surface of the object, has the advantages of accurate, real-time and fast. Any object due to its own molecular movement, constantly infrared heat energy outward radiation, thus formed in the surface temperature field, commonly known as hot as'. Infrared diagnosis technology is in the infrared radiation energy absorption, measure the temperature and the distribution of temperature field on the surface of the equipment, so as to determine equipment heating situations. The application of infrared diagnosis technology of test equipment is more, such as infrared thermometer, infrared TV, infrared thermal imager, and so on. Like infrared thermal equipment, including TV, infrared thermal imager using thermal imaging technology to this kind of invisible heat like 'is then converted to visible light image, make the test results intuitive, high sensitivity, can detect the minor change the thermal state of equipment, accurately reflect the equipment of internal and external enthusiasm, high reliability, is very effective to find equipment hidden danger.
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