The application of agricultural meteorological station and the using method

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-19

the application of agricultural meteorological stations and the use method

agricultural meteorological station, is a collection of meteorological data acquisition, storage, transmission and management, which integrates meteorological collection system. Is developed according to the WMO international meteorological standards, can monitor air temperature, air humidity, soil temperature, soil moisture, rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, air pressure, a lot of meteorological elements, such as radiation, intensity of illumination with automatic real-time display, automatic recording, real-time clock, data communications, and other functions. Agricultural meteorological stations using method is as follows:

agricultural meteorological stations from meteorological sensors, meteorological data collector and meteorological software of three parts. System adopts modular design, can according to user needs, Measurement of meteorological elements) Flexible increase or decrease the corresponding modules and sensors, any combination, convenient and quick to meet the needs of all types of users. Built-in large capacity FLASH memory chip can store more than a year of meteorological data, Chinese character LCD screen, can be observed at any time the current weather information. Connected to the computer can be itemized check data and the data export to Excel for editing, according to the need to generate charts, rapid implementation data statistical analysis, accurate forecast. With advanced technology, high measurement precision, large capacity data, remote sensing distance, friendly man-machine interface, the advantage of high reliability, widely used in meteorology, agriculture, Marine, environment, airports, ports, industrial and agricultural and transportation and other fields.

the use of the agricultural meteorological station:

mounted with flange, threaded flange connection that the lower part of the wind sensor fitting firmly fixed in the flange plate, chassis, 80 mm, 68 mm on the circumference of a circle of four all 4. 5 mm mounting holes, using bolts should be firmly fixed on the bracket, make a complete set of equipment, to keep the best level, ensure the accuracy of the wind data, flange connection is convenient to use, can withstand greater pressure.

in cement on the first three diameter & phi; 12 mm deep 8 ~ 10 cm of mounting holes, mounting holes in & Phi; Show 120 & 240 mm on the circumference of a circle of deg. Divide. Install the bolts in the hole, install the instrument base on the three bolts, use level check carrier after the rain mouth level, with a lock nut locking three feet, and then remove the external instruments, and the fixed skip the rubber band off or cut off.


1. Users shall not be removed agricultural meteorological station, more can't touch sensor core body, so as not to cause damage to the product.

2。 Away from high power interference device as far as possible, lest cause inaccurate measurement, such as frequency converter, motor, installation, remove the transmitter must first disconnect the power supply, transducer with water into the can lead to irreversible changes.

3。 To prevent chemical reagent, oil, dust and other violations of the sensor directly, not in the condensation, extreme temperature environment for long-term use, protected from heat and cold shock.

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