The application of agricultural modernization meteorological sensors

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-19

with China's economic transformation, into the run-off period to build a well-off society in an all-round way, innovation is an important driving force for economic development. Agricultural rural economy development, agricultural modernization and industrialization, informationization, hand in hand with the development of urbanization requires more urgent, ensure the supply of grain and other major agricultural products effective more evident with the contradiction of resources and environment carrying capacity, should be based on national conditions NongQing, comply with the time request, blaze a new path of agricultural modernization with Chinese characteristics.

the modern agricultural industry development trend

1, the trend of specialization

every region and enterprise give full play to their own advantages, actively build the core competitiveness, its area to the limit.

2 and standardized trend

consumers demands for food safety, nutrition and taste is increasing day by day, promote standardization production, standardization management system and process become industry trends.

3, scale trend

the disadvantages of decentralisation has been seriously, scale management is the inevitable trend.

4, informationization trend

enterprise informatization basic equipment, agricultural technology fully automated operation, agricultural information network management.

5, intensive trend

will gradually withdraw from traditional extensive management mode, with the least amount of resources or investment return for maximum return the intensive management and benefits will be the future.

6, ecological trend

the deterioration of global ecological environment and social environmental protection consciousness enhancement, calling for the agricultural industry development and ecological development of harmonious and unified.

7, deep processing trend

industry enterprises to develop the deep processing of agricultural products, extend the industry chain, improve the industrial added value.

8, socialized service trend

around every link of agricultural production and marketing of technical services, information services, financial services and other social services will be in full swing.

modern agriculture industry profit model

the biggest difference between modern agriculture and traditional agriculture is whether there is profit and profitable business model. Review of history of the Chinese agricultural park in 20 years, most still rely on state aid. Successful agricultural park to market positioning, make advantage of dominant industry, support its homegrown industry chain formation, get profit points, can be different from traditional agriculture. Here is the profit pattern of modern agriculture 6 kinds of common analysis

1, efficient profit mode of agricultural production

by expanding the production scale, will land use factors of production such as the appropriate concentration, reduce the average cost per unit product for profit, or improve the efficiency of land, increase agricultural output to obtain benefits.

2, boutique type custom profit model

boutique type custom agribusiness profit model is not blind pursuit of scale and production, more concerned about the quality and the user's experience. It mainly depends on the item of high margin for profit.

3, the brand agriculture profit model

the enterprise the formation of a relatively well-known brands, through brand to integrate market resources and product resources, made a profit in the end. Has similarities with fine custom type, but a wider range.

4, product deep processing profit model

processing can not only improve the added value of products, price fluctuations can tame a industry, because it also allows the industry of raw materials.

5, the leisure idea type multifunctional profit model

give full play to the role of the agriculture, to expand the versatility of agriculture from the leisure of agriculture, popular science, sightseeing, the value of the function of agricultural ecological culture.

6, circulation service profit pattern

to solve agricultural products sales process pain points, and get services in return. Enlightenment and reference

1, break the old idea, to provide various services

agriculture is not only sales of agricultural products, the output of agriculture in addition to its own unique food production function, but also has economic, ecological, social, and cultural ( Leisure) Aspects of function, must not ignore the versatility of agriculture, the agriculture simply as a dining industry, ignores the richness of the agriculture, should put the characteristic industry, ecological industry, tourism and leisure industry, cultural industries and new industries such as agriculture into the park business, build a comprehensive system of modern NongYeYuan industry actively, to provide various services for the people to make a profit.

2, break through the threshold, improve profitability

the talent, technology, capital and scale are four key elements of modern agricultural management, the profit without the strong support of these four elements, namely to have powerful agricultural talented person troop, perfect the system of agricultural science and technology, strong capital support and scale, mechanization and automation of agricultural production.

3 tertiary industry of agriculture, fusion, to achieve more profitable

creative agriculture, improper view for agricultural products, but as a creative product, realize the agricultural production, secundiparity, the level of the tertiary industry, is an effective path of traditional agriculture to improve added value. At the same time, consumer activity extends to the farmland and rural resources and environments, such as workshops, realized the benefits of diversification.

our point of view: the development trend of modern agricultural industry and agriculture are highly consistent supply side structure reform direction. In both agricultural production structure under the concentration of scale, product structure optimization under the brand agriculture, or under the technology and equipment level of biological agriculture, are essentially in ascension and optimize the structure of the supply of agricultural products of agriculture, meet and make up for the agricultural products in the gap on demand. The profit pattern of modern agriculture and the way of competition also in the event of a fundamental change, more high-quality, low-price competition, replaced the past bargain rare way of competition, improve the core competitiveness of the agricultural enterprises.

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