The application of small stations in agriculture

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-20

small weather stations in the role of the field have?

it is well known that small stations is also known as the field stations. It can real-time monitor the weather information, and give feedback in time, people can through the accurate data to make a favorable interference, help the crops grow. In addition, the most stable small stations overcomes the drawback of low accuracy under low wind speed, in order to ensure the stability of the monitoring of performance, the use of multiple sensors combination be a structure of the instrument. Let us to learn more about its role in the field:

first, remote Settings

in agriculture for the use of small stations become important means of people to improve plant technology, by using intelligent system will operate it information timely feedback to mobile phones, and click operation can improve the field environment, increase the survival rate of crops. Weather station is a agricultural field a variety of environmental parameters in real time monitor, can real-time acquisition of air temperature, wind speed and direction of the agricultural environment parameters, such as, the implementation of facility agriculture comprehensive ecological information automatic monitoring, automatic control and intelligent management to the environment. In addition, it also supports a variety of sensors, the server can be realized through the GPRS network for remote set the functions of the equipment. Small stations like a small housekeeper real-time monitoring the environmental index of the field, and synchronization in time on the website, people can login web site is not out of the house to obtain data, and based on the system of crop management measures to improve implementation more effective solutions.

the second, the scientific guide

since people use small weather stations in the field after the real-time monitoring, ensure the crops all the growth in a scientific environment. Changed the traditional planting with experience in water, reduce the error of the plant. Under the condition of the climate is not stable, also can through the use of field stations to adjust, reduce each crop growth speed difference, the use of high-tech in agriculture to promote the development of greenhouse crop production, agriculture has entered the information age.

that's a small station in the field play role in the course of using, it through record and analysis to adjust multiple parameters at the same time, improve conditions for growing crops. Use small domestic professional weather station on the system adopts modular design, according to the needs of people increase flexible modules and sensors, convenient meet meteorological elements in the process of measurement.

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