The bag of related technical knowledge

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-21

related knowledge of windsock

windsock is refers to take light cone is used to indicate wind direction, wind speed reference, wind direction and refers to the direction of the pouring. By waterproof cloth windsock pneumatic system, the high quality stainless steel bearing, stainless steel wind lever of three parts. Cloth wind bag made of lightweight waterproof fabric has high flexibility, long service life, and it has high precision, small wind resistance, rotary start wind speed is small, high reliability. Wuhan windsock below small make up to you to introduce, the bag of related knowledge.

a, the bag of material: wind bag use: import thick cloth, nylon, high strength and waterproof.

, for example, such as a fire, we can see the bag of the wind, in order to run in the direction of the upper hand. Toxic gas explosion, see the wind out of leakage pollution area personnel to windward. Emergency situations when the emergency of the best!

2, the wind bags of luminous type ( Can spontaneously absorb sunlight during the day, night light, convenient for observation at night) Reflective type ( Reflects the light of the sun during the day) Ordinary so widely used in meteorology, chemical industry, environmental protection, agriculture, oil field exploration, etc.

small make up to you to summarize, the bag of a common sense, windsock is along the direction of the wind gone with the wind, so the windsock refers to the direction of the wind direction, also known as guidance in windsock blowing north wind, so follow suit the opposite windsock refers to the wind.

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