The characteristics of temperature, pressure flow one pitot tube

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-03

temperature pressure flow integration pitot tube in the flue gas velocity measurement, a pitot tube flow meter is used to measure the flow velocity is a classic method; As a result of the S type pitot pressure hole opening is bigger, not easy to be particulate plugging, easy to high pressure gas purge, maintain the cleanness of pressure hole openings, so it is better to used for continuous measurement.

can real-time measurement of flue gas velocity, dynamic pressure, static pressure and temperature, through the analog 4 ~ 20 ma output

high measuring accuracy, good reliability and can work continuously for a long time

can quickly remove the one-piece structure, facilitate the packing, transportation and handling

convenient installation and wiring, low maintenance

small size, compact structure, and requires the installation of the space is little

imported high accuracy high stability of micro pressure sensor

optional split type display control unit, set the velocity field coefficient

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