The characteristics of the vane and the design requirements

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-22

briefly describes the characteristic of the vane and the design requirements

today weather vane of small make up to you to introduce, the characteristic of the vane and vane design requirements.

a, the characteristic of the vane: vane shape can be divided into the rear wing, balance weight, point to the pole, the rotation axis of four parts. Wind speed and direction are respectively using magnetic induction wind cup and an indicator to measure. Magnetic induction wind cup usually has three symmetrical wind cup, fixed on the vertical axis, to everyone the diameter of the wind cup noodles are vertical. Because the wind cup concave convex bear larger than the wind, the wind cup wheel will rotate with the wind, the spotter can turn from wind cup to determine the speed of the wind speed. As to the direction of the wind, the indicator display. Vane is basically an asymmetric shape of the object, the center of gravity point fixed on the vertical axis. When the wind blows, the air flow is larger resistance will turn with the wind, at the end of the show which way the wind blows.

2: vane design requirements

1. In small wind can response the change of the direction of the wind, which has a good startup performance;

2。 Has good dynamic characteristics, which can quickly and accurately track the winds of change

barometer of the dynamic characteristics of

for an indicator, when the wind changes, it will pass a damped harmonic vibration causes excess instructions and gradually stabilized. The response of the instrument depends on the environmental capacity, the response speed and acceleration of the instrument.

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