The characteristics of the velocity-equalizing tube flowmeter, you made?

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-08
Velocity-equalizing tube flowmeter is also called the flute velocity-equalizing tube flowmeter, the pig and flow meter and the tube flowmeter, belongs to differential pressure type flowmeter. Average is using pitot tube flowmeter measurement principle of measurement block body of the upstream dynamic pressure and the downstream pressure difference is formed between static pressure, so as to achieve the goal of measuring flow rate. Between 3/4 'to DN12000 measuring pipe diameter. Pig the flowmeter is mainly used for all kinds of energy in the process of industrial fuel such as liquid, gas, steam and gas measurement, has the high stability and repeatability. Velocity-equalizing tube flowmeter features: high accuracy, good stability; Light weight, easy installation and removal. Is suitable for various structure of pipeline; Small pressure loss; Is suitable for various pipelines. 1. Velocity-equalizing tube flowmeter with high accuracy, good stability, accuracy is 1%, the stability of 0. 1%, it can keep very stable output differential pressure signal for a long time, to ensure that the output differential pressure signal and pipeline flow mapping relationship. This is because in the process of use wear, corrosion and adhesion of oil dirt on pig the flowmeter coefficient of influence is not big, but these factors make the orifice discharge coefficient increases, and will rise to more than 20%, the resulting error will reach more than 20%. We can find that pig the accuracy of the flow meter is stable for a long time. 2. Velocity-equalizing tube flowmeter is light weight, easy installation and disassembly: without lifting tool, the series of products are can be measured pipeline doesn't stop not to install or remove without stop, because the pig the flow meter of light weight, easy installation and disassembly, so this can save you considerable cost of installation. For example: in the 200 mm diameter pipe installed on the flowmeter, only a 150 mm weld, and orifice has 2, a total of 1200 mm long long weld. In terms of working hours, only need to install a velocity-equalizing tube flowmeter 1. 5 hours, and the installing an orifice plate is to be 12 hours. 3. Is suitable for various pipe structure, not only suitable for round pipe, also applies to any depth rectangular pipeline and buried under the ground. Velocity-equalizing tube flowmeter straight pipe upstream and downstream demand was much lower than the orifice, the length of the distance when the installation is behind the elbow 2 times the pipe diameter, still can get a stable, high accuracy, it is the unique advantages of pig and flowmeter, pipe especially large diameter pipeline layout design brings a lot of flexibility, save the cost. 4 small pressure loss, less energy loss. Small pressure loss velocity-equalizing tube flowmeter: * the pressure loss is power loss, velocity-equalizing tube flowmeter * pressure loss accounts for only 2 to 15% of the differential pressure, and general orifice * loss of differential pressure of 40 ~ 80%, can be seen from the chart below velocity-equalizing tube flowmeter * pressure loss than the loss of pressure of orifice plate is much smaller, with the increase of pipe diameter, pressure loss of the * velocity-equalizing tube flowmeter can be ignored. For example: use on the 1000 mm diameter pipe velocity-equalizing tube flowmeter, the energy loss of only a few hundred yuan a year, when using orifice plate, energy losses as high as 20000 yuan a year, it is for today to try to save energy have opinions.
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