The classification of micro pressure meter is introduced

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-03
Classification of micro pressure gauge: commonly used micromanometer has double u-tube manometer, inclined tube pressure gauge and pressure gauge, compensation weakness. Double u-tube manometer fluid can be used to measure air or other gas micro positive pressure, negative pressure or differential pressure, both sides of the liquid column read value aggregation is the measured values; Mobile score feet can be zero adjustment. Inclined manometer is one of the more visible on the surface of the liquid curved liquid pressure gauge measuring range, for measuring the positive pressure of the gas, the use of negative pressure, differential pressure. With high measurement precision, easy to carry, safe and reliable, widely used in medical and health, laboratories, building air conditioning, ventilation, environmental monitoring, purification room test or calibration. With epithelial hosting measuring gas flow rate. Compensation declined pressure gauge used for measuring the corrosive gas ( Air or other gas micro positive pressure, negative pressure or differential pressure) And can be used to other pressure gauge calibration. Digital micro pressure gauge is the ideal table for laboratories, factories, universities, and can be used as a medium precision pressure test standard table, portable special chassis, easy to carry, easy operation, the metal shell, good durability, strength, strong anti-jamming capability. Micro electronic pressure gauge product details: flue gas flow is one of the main parameters of the flue gas monitoring. Can through the flue or stack of dynamic pressure and static pressure to calculate the difference between the flow velocity. Calculation is made up of instruments to realize without artificial meddle. Differential pressure is through pitot tube measurement of its working principle in the next section. FL- 100 micro electronic pressure gauge is koyo photoelectric (shenzhen) co. , LTD. Production of electronic pressure gauge. The product adopts the honeywell company production of high precision micro differential pressure sensor. Stable performance and high precision. The price performance ratio is much higher than similar products at home and abroad. FL- 100 electronic pressure gauge, also USES 8050 single chip microcomputer as core data processing components. So FL - 100 electronic pressure gauge, also have the unit of measure conversion function and the differential conversion for the function of the flow velocity. Micromanometer functions: 1. Can fast measuring various kinds of wind pressure and wind speed in the piping. 2. LCD display positive/negative differential pressure, static pressure, wind speed reading. 3. 0. 01 inh2o high definition and functions of zero. 4. The user can self calibration ( Essential standard gauge)
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