The data on the measuring instrument for wind speed are represent

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-30

wind equipment is used for measuring wind energy resources, can be used for wind energy resource analysis, microscopic location, fan wind field and wind field capacity calculation and analysis of wind field of wind energy resources. Sonde can measure different heights of wind, wind tower for wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, solar radiation, rainfall elements such as value for all-weather monitoring.

rawinsonde data recorder can meet four wind speed sensor, and the direction of the wind, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, solar radiation, rainfall, such as sensors, the built-in large capacity data storage, can be done by cable, digital radio, GPRS mobile communications and other communication methods and center computer communication, the wind data transmission to a central computer database, used for statistical analysis and processing.

wind equipment by meteorological sensor, data recorder, the power supply system, light protective box and stainless steel screen, field support, etc. Wind speed and direction, such as sensors for specialized meteorological sensor, has the characteristics of high precision with high reliability. Data recorder has the wind data acquisition, real-time clock, wind data store regularly, parameter setting, friendly man-machine interface and standard communication function. Widely used in wind power, agriculture and forestry, hydrology, meteorology, environmental protection, airport, military, storage, scientific research and other fields.

the data analyzed with northwest a station 70 meters high rawinsonde data in 2007, the sonde in 10, 30, 50, 70 meters height installed wind cup, 10, 70 meters height installed vane, complete data at a rate of 100%. Wind speed statistical characteristic value to see the table below:

median average standard deviation maximum minimum program scope of skewness kurtosis record number

wind speed 6 70 metres. 65 3. 6 6. 2. 23. 7 0. 4. 23. 3 to 0. 52. 2. 91, 52560,

50 m wind speed 6. 46. 3. 46. 6. 1. 23. 8 0. 4. 23. 4 0. 55. 3. 1

30 m wind speed 6. 04 3. 5. July 22. 9 0. 4. 22. 5 0. 65 3. 51

5 10 meters wind speed. 14. 2. 88 4. July 21. 1 0. 4 to 20. 7 0. 81 3. 74

correlation coefficient of each layer wind speed:

related coefficient of 30 meters 70 meters wind speed 50 meters wind speed wind speed 10 meters wind speed

70 m wind speed 1

0. 50 meters wind speed 99 1

30 meters wind speed 0. 96 0. 99 1

0. 10 meters wind speed 92 0. 94 0. 97 1

you can see from the graph, the layers of the correlation of wind speed is better, but poor layer, the greater the correlation coefficient is smaller. 10 m and 70 m height of the wind correlation coefficient of 0. 63.

mechanical sonde, usually said, the wind cup type anemometer, a hemisphere cup, cone cup, low wind speed with a hemisphere, high winds, cone is relatively better. The two axis is vertical, horizontal plane, but also like small wind carry water that, the horizontal axis.

wind power on the user's few, applicable to the situation of the environment is bad, corrosion, or in low temperature. Accuracy is usually 0. About 5 m/s.

start torque, small wind measure not to come out, often use range 3 - 50 - 70 m/s. Only one direction measurement is usually horizontal wind speed. Test data has a lot to do with the levelness of the installation, the installation of the level, basic data void, of course can be fixed.

ultrasonic sonde, high precision of 0. 1 m/s is no problem, 0 - 100 m/s estimates can be used, the three dimension can be measured at the same time. Sampling rate is no problem. Price is not cheap, can long-term use. Now has a fan half cabin on ultrasonic a hemisphere cup plus a wind vane.

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