The definition of negative ion and negative ion detection instrument

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-18

the definition of negative ion and negative ion detection instrument

negative ions according to the international union for the atmospheric physics geodesy and geography theory that is used by the joint committee is the formula for air anion O2 - ( H2O) N, or OH - ( H2O) N, or CO4 - ( H2O) 无。 Here has the function of environmental protection of air negative ions mainly refers to the first two small molecule anion. Simple refers to the negatively charged oxygen ions, colorless, tasteless. Air is made up of millions of molecules and atoms. When atoms or molecules in the air after lose or gain electrons, they form a charged particles, called ions; Positively charged positive ions, negatively charged negative ions. Air negative ions is a kind of negatively charged gas ion, the air molecules under the action of high pressure or strong rays most free electrons are produced by ionized oxygen obtained, therefore, often the air negative ions are collectively referred to as negative oxygen ions.

nature of air negative ions produced three mechanisms:

1, atmosphere by ultraviolet radiation, cosmic rays, the radiation, thunder, storm, the influence of factors such as soil and air radiation ionizes the electron is released by the quickly and neutral molecules in the air, and be negative ion, or called anion.

2, waterfalls, small waves pushing heavy rains fell loss of water in the natural process under the action of gravity, such as high-speed flow of water molecules and produce negative ions.

3, the trees of the forest, and green plants photosynthesis leaf branch discharge form of photoelectric effect, make the air ionization and the anion.

anion found:

early discovery and application of zui anion can be traced back to the 19th century, * an international academic conference prove the efficacy of negative ions on human body German physicist Dr Philip Leonard, he thought the earth's natural environment is good for human health of the anion of zui falls around many place. The role of the anion


anion is a very beneficial to human body health of far infrared radiation material, suitable for the body to absorb far infrared zui wavelength of 9. 6μ M, the wavelength of radiation far infrared ray and anion mineral crystals in 2 - 18μ M range, and radiation power density of 0. 04 w/cm2 slightly tall, the above data can be fully proved, radiation far infrared ray and anion mineral crystal body coordination is very good, can be absorbed by human body all. For each of the positive and negative ions, its life is short, generally there only a few minutes. How much of the negative ions in the air, affected by special geographical conditions and the content is different. Park, suburb, near the seaside, lakes, waterfalls, and field is found in the forest.

so, when people enter the site, the mind is pure and fresh, breathing relaxed and refreshed. Into the noisy crowd, or in air conditioning room, makes people feel hot, breathing disorders, etc. In general, people need about 13 billion anion every day, and our bedroom, office, entertainment place such as the environment, can only provide about 12 billion. The huge contrast between the supply and demand, often easy to cause pneumonia, bronchitis, respiratory diseases. Central heating and air conditioning equipment of the air conditioning system, negative ion is often away. Synthetic fiber, the carpet with a positive charge is easy to absorb anion. Steel, fiber board absorb anion.

air negative ions can restore from atmospheric pollutants, nitrogen oxides, cigarettes and other produce reactive oxygen species ( Oxygen free radicals) Of a harm to human body, reduce the excessive reactive oxygen species; And after the positively charged air fly ash without charge settlement, make the air purification.

anion synthesis and storage of vitamins can not only contribute to the human body, enhance and activate the physiological activities of the body, so it is also known as 'air vitamin, thought it as food of vitamins, to the human body and other biological life activity has a very important influence, such as thunderstorm, increase in the number of negative ion air, people feel happy. And in air conditioning room, due to the air through a series of anion in air purification treatment and long after the ventilation pipe almost all disappeared, people in the long stay feel chest tightness, dizziness, fatigue, work efficiency and decline in health, is called 'air conditioning syndrome. In the medical profession, anion is confirmed to be with is the effective means to kill bacteria and purify air. After its mechanism mainly lies in the negative ion combined with bacteria, the bacteria produce structural changes or energy transfer, killing bacteria, zui eventually sank to the ground. Medical research has shown that negatively charged particles in the air oxygen levels in the blood increases, beneficial blood oxygen, absorption and utilization, can promote human metabolism, improve human immunity, can strengthen the body's muscle, adjust the body function of balance. Anion 7 to the human body system, according to research, nearly 30 can inhibit a variety of diseases, ease and auxiliary therapeutic effect, especially the health care effect is more apparent to the human body.

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