The definition of negative ion and negative ion detection instrument

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-14

anion in the medical profession is called air vitamin, its main function displays in:

1, is the impact of the nervous system. Can make the cerebral cortex function and mental activity, spirits, work efficiency improved, can make the sleep quality improved. Negative ions also can make the brain tissue, the oxidation process of efforts, make brain get more oxygen.

2, is the effects on the cardiovascular system. , according to the scholars to observe the role of negative ions have obvious dilate blood vessels, can remove artery vasospasm, achieve the purpose of lowering blood pressure, negative ions to improve cardiac function and improve myocardial nutritional benefits, also conducive to high blood pressure and heart cerebrovascular disease patient recovery.

3, is the impact on the blood system. Studies confirm that negative ions have a blood coagulation velocity slowing, prolong the clotting time, can increase the blood oxygen content, is advantageous to the blood oxygen transmission, absorption and utilization.

4, the influence of the anion of respiratory zui. This is because the negative ions is enters the body through respiratory tract, it can improve the vital capacity of people. Someone once test, inhalation of air negative ions in the glass mask for 30 minutes, can make the lungs absorb oxygen increased by 20%, and the discharge of carbon dioxide can increase the amount of 14. 5%, so the anion has to improve and increase the role of lung function.

in addition, air negative ions and sedative and hypnotic effects. If we breathe in just the right amount of negative ions, perserve, beneficial to health, make a person energetic, eliminate fatigue and burnout, improve work efficiency. To improve sleep, eliminate nervous breakdown. Reduce the incidence of disease, prevent colds and respiratory diseases. Improve the symptom of the heart, cerebrovascular diseases. Under the effect of negative ions, can increase the excitability of bones, exercise duration is reduced, will help athletes improve performance, especially for some of the items need rapid response, such as sprinting, swimming, etc.

ion content in the atmosphere for 1 cubic centimeters commonly contains 400700 pairs, the higher the ground, atmospheric ion is also more. How many of the ions in the air, also by geographical conditions, soil activity of radioactive substances, weather ( Wind, rain, thunder, humidity, cloud, etc. ) And seasons, the influence of such factors, according to the determination of housing per 1 cubic centimeter, ion content is 25450 in the air to city streets to 70500, to 170600 in the park, at the top of the hill is 2401100 pairs, in bawangling forest region can reach 60000 per 1 cubic centimeter - For 80000, is tiananmen square more than 600 times.

environmental negative ion concentration ( A/cm3) Use:

indoor air conditioning room 020 triggered air-condition disease symptoms

urban residential enclosed area 4050 induce respiratory diseases, insomnia, neurasthenia, allergic diseases such as

the street green space 100200 induce physiological disorder edge

urban park 10002000 basic needs to stay healthy

outside, the sea 500050000 enhance human immunity and antibacterial force

mountains and the sea 50000100000 sterilization, reduce disease

forest, waterfall area 100000500000 anion powder anion has natural healing ability and health

according to the test of negative ions powder of far infrared emission rate of 90% above

instrument used for the detection of negative ions have the following models

1 U. S. AIC1000 anion tester, air ion detector

2 American AIC2000 anion tester, anion concentration meter, negative ion detector

3 ITC - Japan 201 a anion tester, anion concentration meter, negative ion detector

Japan 201 type a negative ion test software ( This has been discontinued

4 Japanese KEC990 air anion tester, anion concentration meter, negative ion detector ( 100 - 20 million. )

5 KEC - Japan 900 air anion tester, anion concentration meter, negative ion detector ( 10 - 2 million. )

6 Japan COM3600 integrated high performance air ion tester, air ion detector

7 Japanese COM3800 comprehensive function of air ion tester

8 Japan COM3400 comprehensive function of air ion tester

9 COM - Japan 3010 pro ion tester, ore minerals anion concentration meter, negative ion detector

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