The dust particle counter

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-15

the dust particle counter is used to measure per unit volume of clean environment dust particle number and particle size distribution of instruments. It can be widely used in various provinces and cities YaoJianSuo, blood centers, epidemic prevention station, the centers for disease control and prevention, quality supervision, etc, the electronics industry, pharmaceutical workshop, semiconductor, optical, or precision machining, plastic, paint, hospital, environmental protection, inspection and other production enterprises and scientific research departments.

the dust particle counter development

particle counter by the microscope development, through the microscope, settling tube, settlement instrument, centrifugal settling, particle counter, laser airborne particle counter, PCS nm laser airborne particle counter process, and by the laser airborne particle counter test speed, the dynamic distribution width, not influenced by artificial and so on various aspects of advantages, and become the mainstream products in recent years, many industries.

basic principle of the dust particle counter

HLC100 handheld airborne particle counter is used to measure per unit volume of clean environment dust particle number and particle size distribution of instruments. Its basic principle is optical sensor to detect the laser after dust particle scattering by photosensitive element receives and produce pulse signal, the pulse signal is output and amplified, and then to digital signal processing, through comparing with standard particle signal, compared the results with different parameters. Parameter setting, the measured results of the instrument display, buttons, timing, print, time, date, data storage, etc all by built-in microcomputer ( MCU) Control and implementation, the instrument can display the temperature and humidity of the environment and work condition of the laser particle sensor monitoring report. The particle counter according to the international general standard design ( Air sampling flow rate of 2. 83 litres/min) Can, at the same time to test the particle size of the set of six gears, sampling time according to user needs to set arbitrary, zui long 59 minutes and 59 seconds. Sampling data can be stored in the built-in flash memory, and can be downloaded via USB. The instrument further innovation on the introduction of American technology, with high measurement precision, stable performance, strong function, small volume, simple and convenient operation, meet or exceed the performance of the international similar products.


1, according to the testing principle, method of scattered light test ( The white light, laser) , microscope method and weighing method, the DMA method testing ( Particle size analyzer) , inertia test, diffusion, condensed nuclear testing ( CNC) And so on.

2, according to the traffic: small flow rate 0. 1cfm( 2. 83升/分钟) Heavy traffic CFM (1 28. 3 l / min) 3

3, according to the shape, size, handheld, desktop

4, according to the test: single channel ( Only a certain particle size measurement) ; Dual channel ( A two particle diameter) ; Multi-channel ( Testing a variety of particle diameter)

5, the other: the application of the particle counter field

the particles in the air will happen under the irradiation of light scattering, this phenomenon is called light scattering. Light scattering and the particle size of particles, wavelength, refractive index and the optical absorption properties of the particles. But in terms of scattering light intensity and particle size, and there is a basic rule, is the particles scattered light intensity increases with increasing particle surface area. So as long as the determination of the intensity of the scattered light can infer size of particles, is the basic principle of light scattering particle counter type.

in fact, each particle scattering light intensity is very weak, is a small light pulse, need through the photoelectric converter amplification effect, the light pulse is converted into electrical impulses that signal amplitude is larger then after further amplification of electronic circuit and screened, so as to complete the count of a large number of electrical pulses. At this point, the number of electrical pulses correspond to the number of particles, electrical pulse amplitude corresponding to the size of the particles.

instrument description

( Big traffic) Used for measuring the clean environment in the unit volume number and the size of dust particles in the air, can be directly testing the cleanliness level of three hundred thousand level to the level of clean environment. The instrument adopts the semiconductor laser light source, LCD screen display, detection function of high precision and simple operation, microprocessor control, measuring data storage, printing, testing the clean environment is very convenient. In addition, through a dedicated communication software will collect data uploaded to the computer, and can edit, save and print in office excel. The products are widely used in electronic, optical, chemical, food, cosmetics, medicine, biological products, aerospace and other departments for public health.

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