The health care function of the anion

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-14

negative ions have health care function. In different areas, there are a considerable number of anion in air, some measurement, per cubic centimeter of air negative ions contained in the number of calculations, around 1000 in the rural areas, the beach there are 4000, fountains, waterfalls nearby can reach more than 5000. Because these places the content of negative ions in the air is higher, so make people feel energetic. In some densely populated big city, however, because air pollution is serious, negative ion concentration is lower.

there are been inspected environment department, in the city, per cubic centimeter containing anion in there are hundreds of outdoor, indoor and even less, not more than 1000! Especially in the TV and computer next to almost no negative ions, studying and working in this kind of environment for a long time, tend to be more tired, is not conducive to health.

why negative ions have health care function of? Medical experts through research that has the following three reasons.

in the first place, the organism, and every cell like a miniature battery, its membrane potential difference inside and outside of 50 ~ 90 mv. It is depend on these constantly charge discharge of the battery. The body's nervous system to signal to the brain, such as sight, hearing, or will the brain's commands sent to the various organs of the body. The need of electrical activity in tissues by anion continuously add dimension. Once the organism can not get the complement of the anion can affect normal physiological activities, chest tightness, dizziness, or even sick.

second, because the virus attack human cells are usually negatively charged, so if human cells also bring negative charge, will be as the same role. Lose the virus's ability to attack living cells.

after zui anion can also through breath into the lungs, and through direct stimulation of human body each organization, and nerve reflex and body fluids to do with each other, produce and physiological health care function to human body. Respiratory system: negative ion can promote the nasal mucosa columnar epithelial cells form, make the bronchial mucosa cilia movement speed, promote edema subsided, improve the alveolar ventilation function, improve the blood oxygen saturation. Clinical results show that the suction has treatment concentration of the anion of 30 minutes, lung absorb oxygen increased by 20%, emit carbon dioxide increase 14. 5%, alleviate bronchial smooth muscle spasm, accelerate the secretion of patients with asthma and other lung function and alveolar function back to normal. The nervous system: negative ion can penetrate the blood-brain barrier into the cerebrospinal fluid, adjust the excitement of the cerebral cortex function make process and depression in the balance. Through the mediation of human pituitary endorphins and the level of the interferon, sedative and analgesic effect. Can reduce the blood vascular tension, adjust the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system function of balance; Cardiovascular system: negative ion and fluid effect through nerve reflex, expansion of coronary artery, increase coronary blood flow to improve the function of the myocardium, adjust heart rate response and blood flow velocity returned to normal, normal blood pressure relieve angina; The digestive system. Negative ions to adjust gastric bowel peristalsis, promote digestion and absorption, colitis, dysentery and habitual constipation has good therapeutic effect. Endocrine system: through the blood circulation, improve endocrine function, such as increasing gonad function and improve the function of thyroid gland, etc. ; Metabolic system: to promote the body's REDOX process, can activate the enzyme system in the body, promote the synthesis and storage of vitamins in the body, promote the body metabolism, reduce blood lactic acid content in eliminate fatigue, improve work efficiency; The immune system: to improve the cellular immunity and humoral immunity, enhance the antibacterial ability; Anion can enter the blood system: blood directly affect the composition and distribution of charged ions in the blood, to red blood cells, reticulocyte, the increase of hemoglobin, blood calcium, lowering blood sugar, blood fat and blood viscosity; Motor system: negative ions can strengthen bone piezoelectric polarization phenomenon, make useful bone proliferation, useless bone dissolve disappear, tinkering with bone normal physiological need, make the pathological proposed line was restored, and increased bone cell metabolism, for cervical spondylosis, the waist dish outstanding, rheumatoid arthritis rheumatoid arthritis has obvious therapeutic effect; Skin and ent diseases: anion has good effect to the skin nerve endings receptor, which in turn makes the subcutaneous tissue of ph to basic aspects.

anion's role in improving air environment is as follows:

at present, the anion has treated as an important standard to evaluate the quality of the environment and the air. When people walk by the sea, waterfalls and forest, may feel breathe easy, relaxed and happy, one of the zui important reason to make the air contains abundant anion. And air environment variation is mainly due to the air ratio imbalance, neutral, negative ion concentration in the air containing harmful gas and smoke, dust, viruses, bacteria, etc. And negative ion concentration can be adjusted by positive and negative ions than on one hand, on the other hand, can have the effect of purify air, negative ion can make micron grade invisible to the naked eye of floating dust in the air, through the positive and negative ions attract, collision form molecular mass sank to the ground, and anion can make bacterial protein two levels of sex reversal, which enable the bacteria survival ability decline or death. The characteristics of negative ions for inactivated speed, inactivated rate is high, the air, surfaces of microorganism, bacteria, viruses are inactivated.

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