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by:HoldPeak     2020-05-30
The science of human body infrared thermometer little knowledge release date: 2020 - 03 - 25 and

recently, severe pneumonia outbreak of a new type of coronavirus infection, temperature become a necessary means of prevention and control the outbreak. The human body infrared thermometer due to its characteristics of non-contact, high efficiency, easy to use in the crowded traffic barrier, hospitals, residential quarters, enterprise or business unit is widely used. Classification of

common human body infrared thermometer can be divided into the infrared thermal imaging temperature rapid screening device and infrared thermometer.

the infrared thermal imaging temperature rapid screening device, can be in a crowded public place for extensive monitoring, automatic tracking, alarm, the high temperature area, cooperate with visible light video, quickly find and track temperature is higher. When the infrared thermal imaging temperature rapid screening device integrated the technology such as face recognition, mobile probe, can grasp the temperature higher staff for more information.

the infrared thermometer and can be divided into red outer ear thermometers and infrared thermometer, infrared thermometer, simple equipment, easy to use, affordable, application, can realize to the staff, rapid temperature in turn.

principle and measuring method

the human body as will through thermal radiation in the form of heat to the environment, human body infrared thermometer with built-in sensors to detect the thermal radiation of human body, so as to realize the purpose of measuring body temperature.

the infrared thermal imaging temperature rapid screening instrument using the surface temperature of the human body infrared temperature measurement technology is fast non-contact measurement, when the measured temperature reaches or exceeds the preset alarm when the temperature warning device.

red outer ear thermometer is the use of the ear canal and eardrum exchange between the detector and infrared radiation temperature instrument; Is human ear tympanic membrane part of the measurement before should clean up the ear canal, will probe into ear canal measurement, must be equipped with health earmuffs, avoid people use cross infection.

infrared forehead thermometer is the use of skin between the detector and infrared radiation exchange and appropriate emissivity correction instrument of measuring skin temperature. Measurement is the body, the brow temperature gun at heart, if you have sweat should be dry, and the distance from the forehead suggested in 1 - 3 cm is preferred.

use note

the advantages of infrared measuring temperature: one is do not contact with the object being measured, when temperatures won't cause unnecessary infection; 2 it is fast, usually measurement time is less than 1 second, generally not more than 2 seconds. Therefore very suitable for application in the fever type of disease prevention and detection.

usually near the body temperature of 37 ℃, the accuracy of the infrared thermal imaging temperature rapid screening device can achieve & plusmn; 0. 3 ℃, the infrared thermometer can achieve & plusmn; 0. 2℃。

on measurement accuracy, red outer ear thermometer measurement accuracy of the highest, infrared forehead temperature would. However, if the measuring method is not correct, measuring results will be inaccurate. Human body infrared thermometer for new purchase, or use frequently as well as to the measurement results when there is doubt, shall be carried out on the human body infrared thermometer calibration, in order to determine its revised, the thermometer can try to eliminate the system error.

blackbody radiation source can be used to the human body infrared temperature instrument calibration. The effective emissivity and stability of temperature control has higher requirements. Blackbody temperature usually adopt platinum resistance thermometer or glass liquid thermometer contact thermometer, such as its temperature is compared with the infrared thermometer measured values for the calibration value. Red outer ear thermometer calibration blackbody is specially designed according to the requirement of the checked thermometer should be paid to mouth shapes and sizes.

special tips: it is not recommended to put industrial test using infrared thermometer used to measure the body temperature.

industrial test using infrared thermometer usually measuring range lower limit to - 20℃~- Upper limit of 30 ℃, ranging from 200 ℃ to 1000 ℃, wide measuring range, accuracy is lower, in the vicinity of the human body temperature does not generally superior to & plusmn; 1. 0℃。 Therefore only from the perspective of the requirements of measurement accuracy using industrial test using infrared thermometer to measure the body temperature is not very suitable.

Shanghai measuring institute has built in east China highest accuracy, wide measurement range most of infrared temperature measurement standard, can timely provide the epidemic prevention and control of the human body infrared thermometer calibration services.

use tips:

after the calibration of infrared thermometer will provide calibration temperature points and revised, for practical use.

so it has been only in the calibration of infrared forehead temperature meter as an example, the actual temperature measurement, if the display value of 36. 4 ℃, the actual values should be 36. 4℃+0. 2℃=36. 6℃。

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