The infrared thermal imager: do you really know?

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-01
The infrared thermal imager: do you really know? Release date: 2020 03 - 30 21:33

in the life, we sometimes find infrared is visible light, such as: military equipment, medical equipment, office supplies, school education facilities, etc. , but I often see most is the multimedia, teachers in the university to take a click, then there will be a long line. It itself is also a kind of light body, actually is between microwave and electromagnetic wave between visible light wavelength, wavelength between 1 mm to 760 nanometers, longer than visible light than red light, a British scientist herschel discovered from the sun in 1800 and decomposition using prism in all sorts of different color ribbon position by placing the thermometer, attempts to measure the heating effect of all sorts of color of light. The results found that is located in the outside of the red light that a thermometer to heat up the fastest. So come to a conclusion: in the solar spectrum, red light must exist outside of the invisible light, this is the infrared light.

infrared exists in any corner of the nature. Infrared technology early was in the military, because it provides the observation in the dark, military targets its own radiation detection, and to the possibility of secret communication. In addition to have night vision function, the infrared thermal imager can realize the whole image plane distance accurate temperature measurement.

life also has many USES, such as subway station, it is very soon feel the temperature of the people, even bad to the body eliminate gas can be aware of it. Forest fire prevention, fire and alarm in time, let the firemen get the message in time. Can also detect of floor heating, through the thermal imager can see where the leak of floor heating or blocked.

the infrared thermal imager has been related to our life, go hand in hand, the country's development of science and technology is developing rapidly, only we dare not to think of before, now only we don't think only do that, so let's come on together, GuYun mutant ever victorious, so, we should well familiar with infrared thermal imager so that we can better apply in life, struggle for a better life, come on!

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