The infrared thermal imager is what?

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-29
The infrared thermal imager is what? Release date: 2020 03 - 26 when the

we recently received a lot of question about the infrared thermometer, the following answers one by one to you.

01。 The infrared thermal imager is what?

02。 Now airports, stations, local installation of infrared thermometer is harmful to human body?

03。 The infrared thermal imaging temperature measuring instrument have the function of through walls? Will expose people's privacy?

04。 Why use thermal imaging temperature screening?

05。 Why the temperature of the infrared thermometer detected with our actual temperature difference?

06。 Why the infrared thermal imager under the eyes look with glasses is a hole?

07. In addition to infrared temperature measurement, infrared thermal imager in daily life and what applications?

the infrared thermal imager is what?

use overall goal outward radiation source being measured calorific value, and this kind of heat temperature data information of the image. Analyte images can display information piece of environment temperature change, and then find the problem of the human eye is not so, the overall goal to be measured can be carry out detection, diagnosis and archive, don't have to pay other lucrative destructive testing.

what's the use of infrared thermal imager?

thermal imager informally thermal imager is invisible infrared energy coming from an object into a visible thermal image. Thermal image of the different colors represent the different temperature of the object to be tested.

there are two big aspects

it is military, to see some of the war scenes in the film there are many thermal imaging applications

second, civilian, the civilian again a few kinds: for example, the application of daily life, such as detection of floor heating is

medical applications: detection of skin disease ah

industrial application: detection circuit boards, such as car

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