The maintenance of tilt decline pressure gauge

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-07
Tilt decline pressure gauge is a kind of more visible on the surface of the liquid curved liquid pressure gauge measuring range, for measuring the positive pressure of the gas under 2 kpa, the use of negative pressure, differential pressure. Has high measure precision, easy to carry, safe and reliable, widely used in medical, laboratory, building air conditioning, ventilation, environmental monitoring, purification room test or calibration. Tilt decline pressure gauge maintenance: 1. Often should keep clean pressure gauge, pressure gauge is not on the humidity of environment, so as to avoid rust. 2. Quick connector and the lower micromanometer o-ring damaged more easily, and if found leakage should be replaced. 3. Oil cup liquid level should be higher than the oil cup often filter cover on the end face, if a slip-up, air will enter the micro pressure meter, micromanometer failure. Unscrew the tilt decay pressure gauge should then feed joint, make the air along with the fluid flow and flow, when the liquid is continuous outflow, can tighten the joint, resume the function of tilt decay pressure gauge yearly check calibration yearly check calibration shall meet the basic requirements of the basic requirements are as follows: 1) Calibration environmental conditions such as the check ( Calibration) Chamber, and the environmental conditions shall meet the requirements of the laboratory of temperature, humidity, etc. Such as in the field of calibration, environmental conditions can meet the conditions of the instrument field use shall prevail. 2) Tilt decline pressure gauge as the standard instrument calibration the error limits should be timing error limits of 1/3 ~ 1/10. 3) Personnel are different from the verification of calibration, calibration but people should also be tested and approved by the effective, and obtain the corresponding certificate of quality, only the calibration certificates and calibration reports issued by certified personnel party stay, and only the certificates and reports are considered to be effective.
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