The matters needing attention of using infrared thermometer

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-29
The matters needing attention of using infrared thermometer release date: 2020 - 04 - 10 '

we are now using basic infrared thermometer, because it not only saves time but also very convenient. Timing handy to use infrared temperature we also note that some of the matters needing attention when using:

the first infrared thermometer can not be measured temperature through the glass, the glass has a special reflection and through feature not very precise measurements of temperature. So we don't through the glass in the measurement of body temperature measurement, so it is not the right thing to do.

the second infrared thermometer can only measure the surface temperature of the object, not internal temperature of the measured object.

the third point while using infrared thermometer, note also that the environment temperature, if it suddenly exposed to the environment temperature is 20 & deg; Or higher, allowing the instrument temperature in 20 minutes to adjust to the new environment.

the fifth before using thermometer, please check the case. If the thermometer is damaged, please do not use. See if any damage or lack of plastic parts.

in the first six battery indicator should replace the battery as soon as possible when 

if the first seven thermometer work disorder, do not use. Protection measures of instrument may be damaged. If in doubt, shall send the temperature measuring instrument maintenance.

the first eight don't near the explosive gas, steam or dust, use thermometer

the first 9 o 'clock if it is not in accordance with the provisions of this manual way using this equipment, the protection of the equipment may be damaged

the first ten don't let the noise of infrared thermometer has been open, or accept high temperature object.

the above is my summary about ten considerations, of course, I should pay attention to have a lot of. We must be safe and reasonable using infrared thermometer, energizer according to the instruction to use.

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