The origin of the pitot tube

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-16

pitot tube is also called pitot tube, is the laboratory when measuring point velocity of the commonly used instrument. The instrument is in 1730 by Henry & middot; Pitot ( 亨利Pitot) *, after more than 200 years after the improvements, there are dozens of different types. Here is a kind of common pitot tube, the pitot tube is also called prandtl ( l 普朗特) Pitot tube.

pitot tube is composed of two thin, hollow tube. Thin tube 1 is the total pressure tube, tube 2 for the piezometric tube. Volume flow rate when the total pressure pipe bottom outlet direction is opposite flow direction, piezometric tube bottom outlet direction and velocity of the vertical. In the top two tubes with rubber tube respectively with two glass tube of the differential pressure meter is connected.

with pitot tube flow velocity diagram. Pitot tube measurement flow, must first pitot tube and rubber pipe air fully discharge, then put the lower end of the pitot tube in the water, and the total pressure pipe imports are for measuring point velocity direction. When the pressure differential gauge glass tube in the water that appear difference & Delta; h。 If the measuring point velocity is small, & Delta; H value is small. In order to improve the measurement accuracy, glass tube differential pressure gauge can be tilted.

advantage: to measure the difference between the total pressure and static pressure of composite works.

simple structure, use, the manufacture is convenient, price cheap, as long as the careful manufacture and strict calibration and appropriate modification, in the range of a certain speed, it can achieve high speed measuring precision.

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