The prospects and obstacles analysis instrument and meter industry market in China

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-02
Three, instruments and meters industry development pace did not slow because of the financial storm instrumentation industry has six consecutive years maintained the trend of the high economic growth. Although the influence of the current global financial turmoil, the east nursery industry economy has slowed, but from the current situation, instrument industry's growth has not slowed. China instruments industry association deputy secretary-general Dong Jingchen pointed out that there are two main reasons, one is the state of the economy is still in the high; According to past experience, if GDP growth above 10%, the instrument industry growth rate is between 26% ~ 30%. Second is the national macroeconomic regulation and control of instrument industry there is a lag, the influence of the instrument is often in the later stages of the project to consign is used, therefore, reduced as a result of macroeconomic regulation and control policy investment influence on instrument industry this year will not be too big. Foreign instrument companies began to change the original way is given priority to with sole proprietorship form of investment. This change is mainly manifested in two aspects, one is began to focus on the acquisition of domestic enterprises, the second is entrusted production proportion is rising. Foreign acquisition of domestic enterprises is not easy. At present, the government's support of instrument and meter industry is more and more big, only the first half of last year and this year, the Ministry of Science and Technology has set up a six on the research topic, the government financial support to more than $100 million. The support of the *, let domestic instrument manufacturing enterprises have more broad space for development. Four, instrument and meter industry gradually towards: as an important part of the instrument and meter industry in China analysis instrument, the financial crisis that swept the world today, still maintained a good momentum of development. The rapid growth of the analytical instruments in China market with the national protection of food security, ecological environment, disease prevention and control, product quality supervision, production safety, and major natural disasters monitoring and closely related to the attention of the basic research. 1, the steady growth of the whole industry, year-on-year growth were significantly reduces the data according to the China instruments industry association, 2009, analysis instruments including industrial process analysis instruments, experimental instruments, environmental monitoring instrument of gross industrial output, sales value are maintained a steady growth, but the year-on-year growth significantly lower than in 2008. Export delivery value in addition to the environmental monitoring instrument to keep small growth, both to keep the other negative. Among them, the special environmental monitoring instrument output value of more than 9. 2 billion yuan, rose 28. 85%, products generate up to 91. 2. 1 billion yuan, rose 30. 82%. Data show that the analytical instruments industry, special environmental monitoring instrumentation zui fast growth, industrial process analytical instruments industry also maintained higher than the industry average growth rate, and the experimental analysis instrument is significantly lower than the growth of instrument and meter industry average. This is mainly because countries will environmental protection, energy conservation and emissions reduction work on the medium and long-term development plan, introduced some mandatory policy and encouraging policy, promote the popularization and application of environmental monitoring instruments. And are influenced by three poly amine hydrogen events in 2008, the food safety monitoring instrument market growth. 2, the continued growth of imports and exports fell in the national instrumentation industry import and export are presented under the condition of negative growth, analysis instrument import growth, exports fell. Among them, the industrial process analysis instrument import 4. 4. 8 billion dollars, exports to 3. 3. 8 billion dollars. Experimental analysis instrument imports nearly $2. 7 billion, exports to $600 million, the national instrumentation industry overall deficit $10. 2 billion of imports and exports, reduce 1 than in 2008. 700 million dollars, analysis instrument import and export trade deficit of $5. 6 billion. Analysis instrument is the main reason of the larger imports of analytical instruments are currently in most domestic still for imports. Due to the requirement for high technology of analysis instruments, r&d, development cycle is long, for domestic enterprises is a huge challenge. Although in recent years the rapid development of high-tech enterprises, domestic enterprises still lack their own technologies, the original innovation ability, lack of a serious shortage of investment in research and development, lack of systemic and long-term continuity, causing domestic enterprise analysis instrument development ability is insufficient. Scientific research institutes, colleges and universities and scientific research and industry's join channel not free, meet the demands of the domestic market in the short term, it is impossible to produce analytical instrument. Analytical instruments since slowing exports is largely due to the second half of 2008, the international financial crisis, domestic and foreign economic situation deteriorated sharply, reduce foreign demand. 3, leading enterprises play the leading advantages, continue to show strong development power in 2009 on the analysis of the instrument industry overall growth slowing and exports to reduce environment, minority leader still maintained a strong momentum of development. Such enterprises, under the background of industry downturn in the global analysis testing buck the trend, respectively 44%, 30%, 24. 4% sales growth of gratifying achievements. Especially concentrated technology with the advantages of still consolidate the position of the market share ranking *. Mainly they time to catch the country and all levels of government attaches great importance to the important opportunities for the development of instrument and meter, attaches great importance to the scientific and technological innovation, continuously strengthen r&d, developed with independent intellectual property rights, to meet the market demand analysis of the measuring instrument, and won the wide application of achieved remarkable social and economic benefits. Analysis instrument for a long time almost 100% imported occupied, force analysis instrument domestic enterprises must change the original mode of research and development production, has begun to gradually developed to the direction of the production analysis instrument. Continuously optimize market environment, as well as more foreign analysis instrument enterprises to enter, domestic analytical instruments more tend to be more fierce market competition in the awards. Domestic analysis instrument manufacturers, therefore, must be in the market environment of crisis and opportunity coexist in upstream, increasing investment, continuous innovation, in blazed a path of development of science and technology, to the world * level. Five, stability and reliability problems become obstacles restricting our instrumentation development domestic instrumentation and automation system reliability and stability of the gap with foreign products. Its reliability problems shaken, metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical and other key industries confidence in domestic products, so as to work in the country of major technical equipment localization, localization of instrumentation and automation systems promote zui to slow. Greatly influenced the equipment manufacturing industry technical level and improve the quality of our products. Stability and reliability problems have become restricting our instrument and meter industry development and technology innovation of a serious obstacle. Work is a comprehensive work reliability, reliability work from the viewpoint of system, in the whole life cycle of products, zui to eliminate and control various uncertain factors, zui big limit detection unreliable factors caused by the defects, in an attempt to zui province cost, zui time to achieve the established target reliability of operation. It involves product efficacy, functional safety performance, service life, maintainability, environmental adaptability, as well as the product whole life cycle cost. Work require the system to the theoretical research of reliability, need long-term accumulation of data, detailed analysis of the experimental demonstration and extensive research.
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