The prospects and obstacles analysis instrument and meter industry market in China

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-02

the instrument and meter industry in our country market prospects and obstacles analysis

a, China will focus on developing eight classes though instrumentation instrumentation industry in China started late, but in the past 20 years, especially during the period of the ninth with the rapid development, at present our country has initially formed a relatively complete instrumentation production, scientific research and marketing system. In order to increase 15 or more instrument industry development efforts, national related departments will focus on adjustment of product structure, in accordance with the international advanced standards organization production, promote industrial upgrading. Priority to the development of a batch of economic development and national economic development, technological transformation of key products, support a number of promising market, import and export large deficit, reflect the high level of technology, the industry has a strong leading role. According to industry, a senior expert introduction, the following eight kind of instrument for the development of the national key: 1. Industrial automation instrument; 2. Electrical instrumentation; 3. Science test instruments; 4. Environmental protection instrument; 5. Instrumentation components; 6. Medical instruments; 7. Information technology, electrical measuring instrument; 8. Measuring instrument. Second, instrument and meter industry prospects instrument is used to detect, measure, observation, calculation of various physical quantities, material composition, physical parameters and other instruments or equipment. Including the vacuum leak detector, pressure gauge, length measuring instrument, microscope, multiplier, etc. Broadly, instruments and meters can also have automatic control, alarm, signal transmission and data processing, and other functions, such as used in the industrial production process automatic control in pneumatic control instrument, and electric adjusting instruments, and collecting and distributing type instrument control system are all belong to the instrument. In the human society entered the era of knowledge economy, information technology under the background of rapid development, instrumentation and measurement control technology is increasingly widely used, for the rapid development of instrument and meter industry provides a good opportunity. After nearly 10 years of construction and development of instrument and meter in our country has preliminarily formed relatively complete varieties of product categories, industrial system of a certain scale of production and development capabilities, to become Asia excluding Japan's second largest producer of instruments and meters. Expected this year and next, instrument and meter industry market prospect in our country, to analyze from the following aspects: 1, the environmental protection instrument and meter instruments mainly used in environmental quality monitoring and pollution sources monitoring, etc. In view of the our country concrete national condition, environmental protection mainly solve China's water environment, atmospheric environment both strategic and the overall environment ecological pollution problem. With saving energy and reducing consumption, reduce emissions and low carbon economy become the national long-term national policy. On atmospheric environment, water environment of environmental monitoring instruments, sampling system and environmental monitoring automation control system products, potential market size billions of dollars to tens of billions of yuan. 2, electrician instruments in the state grid company, to promote the high voltage network in leading, the principle of coordinated development and improve the smart grid, power grids at all levels, at the same time also has been clear about the construction of electric power information collection system is an important part of the smart grid construction in China, the smart grid construction of gradual development. And power grid construction is a global behavior, is a long-term and incremental market rigidity, major development opportunities for electrical instrument and meter industry. At the same time, the rapid development of power industry in India, large population, the demand for watt-hour meter is larger. Other southeast Asian countries and some developing countries the market demand for watt-hour meter will also be improved. This will bring opportunities to watt-hour meter enterprises to expand overseas market in China. 3, industrial automation instrument industrial automation instrument focus on developing the master control system based on fieldbus devices and intelligent instrument, special and special automation instrument. Look from the market demand, China's industrial automation market demand increasingly strong. According to the Chinese instrument association predicts that by the end of the 11th five-year plan, industrial automation market demand will exceed 100 billion yuan. On the other hand, as the country concerned about the livelihood of the people is greatly increased, some related to the livelihood of the people demand also mentioned the agenda. Such as food safety, milk and cooking oil detection; Drug safety, vaccine and detection; Sudden accident and weather monitoring, earthquake and tsunami detection alarm, etc. These dangerous events also puts forward new requirements for instrumentation and market demand.
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