The purpose and characteristics of smart wind pressure gauge

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-04
The purpose of the smart wind pressure gauge: smart wind pressure gauge, is high measuring accuracy, stable performance, convenient operation, multi-function pressure air flow meter. The instrument can measure the pressure, differential pressure, match epithelial managed to wind pressure, wind speed, air volume direct reading pipes. Smart wind pressure gauge with measurement data value storage function, finished measurement instrument has stored data average processing function, can show the average wind pressure, wind speed, air volume at the same time. Smart wind pressure gauge has stored query function, the instrument can query each measurement point of wind pressure, wind speed, air volume. Smart wind pressure gauge has set key, can set pipe area, pitot coefficient, and atmospheric density, etc. The smart air pressure gauge is a highly stable multi-function pressure air instrument, instrument can choose different working condition according to the pressure source fluctuation situation, instrument has the function of numerical stability. The smart air pressure gauge is widely used in gas, liquid of positive pressure, negative pressure, differential pressure and wind pressure, wind speed, air volume of the pipe measurement. Is the laboratory, medicine and health care, environmental monitoring station, building air conditioning heating, clean room testing or calibration of the ideal instrument. Smart wind pressure gauge features: & middot; Liquid crystal display (LCD), digital direct reading. · Machine type, the U. S. imports of micro pressure sensor, ultra-low power microcomputer, high performance instrumentation amplifier. · Power consumption single chip microcomputer, digital zero. · Smart wind pressure gauge measurement data storage, data & middot; The query, and store data average function.
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