the review of mastech ms8264 digital multimeter

by:HoldPeak     2020-01-16
After the interruption, I went back to the field of electronics, and I needed a more modern meter, in addition to the usual functions such as voltage, amps, resistors, also has capacitance and frequency measurement capabilities and so on. So I searched the internet and finally found this very cheap holdpeak multimeter digital multimeter with all the features. So I ordered this multimeter without hesitation at once. I kept this multimeter for a few weeks and everything went well. After using it for about a month, I think the holdpeak multimeter has some of the following outstanding features: 1. The most significant aspect is the auditory alarm. Sometimes we are in a hurry when we troubleshoot. We measure from one to the other and sometimes forget that we need to connect the test lead to another banana jack. holdpeak multimeter solves this problem by having audible alarms and red flashing led terminals that show you the correct banana jack that should be used, depending on the meter function you set upIt has a large display and backlight, so you can see it in a dark place. However, when the light button is pressed, the backlight is only turned on for 5 seconds (It won't stay all the time). 3、Auto-Power-off function helps save battery life. While most meters have this feature, it will beep to remind you of the fact when it is off, which is a good touch. 4, Jack protection function, prevent fuse or worse if the probe is connected to the current jack but you are trying to measure the voltage. The meter detects when the probe is plugged into various jacks all the way, and if the selected function is incorrect, the meter repeats a beep and flashes the correct Jack to be used. There are LEDs around the jack, and the meter will also light up the Jack if the probe is not fully pushed in for proper contact. It's a good safety feature, after all you don't want to test the potential dangerous voltage with a probe that isn't properly connected and get a fake "death", safe touch "read, otherwise it will be discovered! It will be a shocking experience! Finally, the essence of what a digital multimeter should do. . . Accurately measure current, resistance, voltage, etc.
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