The role of the anion in improving air environment

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-12

with the improvement of life quality of people's life more and more high, and is the development of the society, the environment has not worsened, zui direct atmospheric environment, including negative ions is one of the important factors to improve the air environment!

anion's role in improving air environment is as follows:

at present, the anion has treated as an important standard to evaluate the quality of the environment and the air. When people walk by the sea, waterfalls and forest, may feel breathe easy, relaxed and happy, one of the zui important reason to make the air contains abundant anion. And air environment variation is mainly due to the air ratio imbalance, neutral, negative ion concentration in the air containing harmful gas and smoke, dust, viruses, bacteria, etc. And negative ion concentration can be adjusted by positive and negative ions than on one hand, on the other hand, can have the effect of purify air, negative ion can make micron grade invisible to the naked eye of floating dust in the air, through the positive and negative ions attract, collision form molecular mass sank to the ground, and anion can make bacterial protein two levels of sex reversal, which enable the bacteria survival ability decline or death. The characteristics of negative ions for inactivated speed, inactivated rate is high, the air, surfaces of microorganism, bacteria, viruses are inactivated.

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