The scientific method and principle of campus weather stations

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-19

campus weather stations scientific method and principle of application: campus weather stations is 24 hours real-time monitoring of temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, air pressure, uv radiation, evaporation, noise, soil temperature, soil moisture, and other meteorological parameters and meteorological elements of the configuration can be according to the actual situation of project and configuration, in order to meet the requirements of the students hands-on practice at the same time, also for the students equipped with dry maximum and minimum thermometer, glass fiber reinforced plastic screen, electricity board to artificial meteorological observation instrument such as anemometer, sunshine recorder. Improve the students' comprehensive quality, practical ability. Science campus automatic observatory is meteorological observation standard, according to the meteorological WMO organizations on campus to promote education informationization, digitization, integration, intelligence and network into a target research and development of a set of integrated digital meteorological services platform. By meteorological science, the distribution of meteorological science knowledge, strengthen young students consciousness of public meteorological, cultivate and raise their skills and ability of disaster. Especially in the development, the extension, supplement the students extracurricular knowledge; To cultivate scientific spirit, strengthen the science consciousness, the skill of science and technology, improve the students comprehensive quality.

campus weather stations by meteorological sensors, meteorological data recorder, the meteorological environment monitoring platform of three parts. Can monitor air temperature, air humidity, air pressure, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, ultraviolet radiation, sunshine time, pm2. 5, such as pm10 routine meteorological elements. Science data application platform include: outdoor LED display and indoor advertising machine release terminals, mobile phone APP and terminal server data analysis.

a campus weather stations of scientific methods and principles of

campus weather station is the window of the campus climate science, will open a door for students to understand related meteorological detection technology, master the regular pattern of climate change, access to the window of the knowledge on disaster prevention and mitigation, and campus weather stations at the same time also is the carrier of the campus meteorological science education. Based on campus weather station, by developing meteorological activities, all kinds of campus extension related science and teaching content, inspire interest in climate change research rules of primary and middle school students to explore, develop and inspire scientific creation thinking.

campus weather stations in the introduction of primary and middle school campus, using the special advantages of the campus, the meteorological observatory and meteorological science knowledge content directly into the primary and middle school students' school life, the introduction of campus weather stations on the one hand, able to provide students with scientific practice and scientific knowledge platform, on the other hand can provide students with meteorological science interests more professional guidance, is the campus weather stations become the carrier of cultivating students meteorological science literacy.

application of campus weather stations can be achieved for meteorological knowledge extension of time, contact sensor technology, modern communication technology and other modern science and technology, at the same time also can weather stations meteorological science popularization activities around the campus, improve the ability of students to master and knowledge of preventing natural disasters.

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