The seven big effect of negative ions

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-13
Original installation import air negative ion detector COM - 3200 proii China's total forest park scenic area air negative ion detector with high COM - 3200 proii features: detector USES the Japanese JIS zui in accurate determination method of ion density in air of coaxial twin tube structure with two, that ends it, compared with other simple plate type structure, improved accuracy, and comes with a special record analysis software of the computer analysis and print the measurement data, connected to the computer can be in computer control device for automatic operation. Seven of the negative ions efficacy: 1. 2 purify indoor air, dust dust removal. To kill bacteria and remove viruses harm to 3. To eliminate static electricity, restore the body activity 4. To increase oxygen to the brain, promote the development of intelligence. 5. 6 improve microcirculation, enhance cardio-cerebral system function. Independent life 7 prevention health care, to improve the human body. Improve the acidic disease, blood scavenger
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