the use and caution of digital multimeter

by:HoldPeak     2020-04-20
Now, digital measuring instruments have become the mainstream of our daily life.
It is also a trend to replace analog measuring instruments.
Compared with the analog multimeter, the digital multimeter has the advantages of high sensitivity, high precision, strong overload capacity and convenient carrying. (1)
Use a. Before use, read the instruction manual carefully, and know the effect of power switch, range switch, Jack and special Jack.
B. Adjust the power switch to the \"on\" position.
C. Measurement of AC and DC voltage: switch within the appropriate DC or AC range as needed.
Then the red pen socket V/Ω and the black pen socket COM hole were made.
The multimeter should be parallel to the test line.
So it can be read out automatically.
D. Measurement of AC or DC current: Transfer the range switch to the appropriate DC or AC range.
The Red Pen should be inserted into the hemp hole ( 200mA)
The black pen is inserted into the COM hole.
The digital multimeter should then be connected in series with the Test circuit.
When testing DC, the digital multimeter automatically displays the polarity.
E, measurement of resistance: Transfer the range switch to the appropriate position of Ω.
The Red Pen is inserted into the V/Omega hole and the black pen is inserted into the COM hole.
When the measured resistance exceeds the maximum value of the selected range, the digital multimeter displays \"1\", so we should select a higher range.
When measuring the resistance, the red pen represents the positive, and the black pen represents the negative.
This is not the same as the analog multimeter.
Therefore, we should pay attention to the polarity of the meter pen when measuring elements with polarity such as transistors and electrolytic capacitors. (2).
Note: If we cannot determine the size of the voltage or current, we should set the maximum range.
Then, we gradually narrow the scope to the right place.
After testing, we should transfer the range switch to the highest voltage distribution and turn off the power supply.
B. When the multimeter shows \"1\", we should choose a higher range.
C. When measuring the voltage, the digital multimeter should be connected in parallel with the circuit.
When measuring the current, it should be connected in series with the circuit, this time we can ignore the polarity of the positive and negative poles.
D, when we misuse the AC voltage distribution to measure the DC current, or misuse the DC voltage distribution to measure the AC voltage, the screen will display \"000\" or a low number that starts to beat.
E. It is forbidden to change the range when measuring high pressure (over 220V)or high (over 0. 5A)
, Avoid burning the switch contacts on the digital multimeter.
F, when \"\", \"BATT\" or \"low bat\" is displayed on the screen, the voltage of the battery is displayed below the working voltage.
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