The water quality characteristics detector total nitrogen

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-04
Water quality detector nitrogen ammonia nitrate nitrogen and nitrite nitrogen total nitrogen is suitable for large, medium and small waterworks and industrial and mining enterprises, life or industrial water nitrite nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen, total nitrogen, in order to control water quality meet the prescribed standards for water quality. Water quality of total nitrogen detector features: 1. MCU and light touch keyboard, LCD digital display, easy to use. 2. Using spectrophotometric photoelectric colorimetric principle, application and convenient reagent, water samples in the reagent reaction after a few minutes reading, reagent packaging for the convenience of drops of water bottles. 3. The company special technology of LED light source automatic control circuit, light stability, solve the problem of the boot must be preheated. Its 20 years of life, boot without preheating, can use directly. 4. Host built-in power batteries and can be used for quantitative measurement field site, charging 4 hours to four hours of continuous use, namely filling the box. 5. Store has a full range within the scope of the instrument calibration curve, has the power to protect, calibration data is not lost. 5 points can be automatic zero and automatic correction, a nonlinear data processing and data smoothing functions, instrument zui small reading to zero. 001mg/L。 6. Many achievements of independent design, advanced technology, in line with the national standard GB/T5750 - 2006 drinking water hygiene standards.
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