The widely application of the anemometer

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-11
Wind speed instrument belongs to safety, environmental monitoring kind measuring instrument, measurement in our country is the mandatory verification of measuring instruments. In addition to the factory sales need to be equipped with the appropriate calibration report, also need to according to JJG ( Construction) 0001 - 1992 'hot bulb anemometer verification regulation requirements regularly every year to the national air conditioning construction quality supervision and inspection center or the China construction science research institute in energy and environmental testing center for regular calibration, and according to its legal calibration certificate issued by the instrument to adjust all aspects in order to obtain zui better working condition. Anemometer is widely applied in all fields can be flexible to use, the application of the anemometer is very wide, can be flexible to use in all areas, are widely used in electric power, steel, petrochemical, energy saving etc, and other applications in the Beijing Olympic Games, sailing, rowing race, the wild shooting games and so on all need anemometer is measured. Now the anemometer is more advanced, in addition to measure wind speed at the same time can also measure air temperature, air velocity. There are a lot of industry needs to use anemometer, it is recommended to use the industry: sea fishing industry, all kinds of fan manufacturing, need convulsions of exhaust system, etc. Anemometer different seasons and different geographical situation, can make to the atmosphere wind direction changes constantly. Such as the beach day and night the wind is different, the winter and summer monsoon are different. Research direction of the wind can help us to predict and study of climate change. Research direction you need to use the anemometer. The design of the anemometer is dart more, also have made animal forms, like a rooster modelling. Anemometer arrows feather part will be the wind to turn. Anemometer device in no buildings or trees, such as blocking the wind moving place. Purpose and scope of QDP series hot bulb electrical anemometer, used in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, meteorology, agriculture, refrigeration dry, labor health survey and so on various aspects, requires the determination of indoor and outdoor or model can be used when air velocity, is a kind of measuring basic instrument of low wind speed.
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