The widely application of the anemometer

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-11
Anemometer just as its name implies is an instrument for measuring air velocity. Its sort is more, meteorological offices and stations zui commonly used for cup anemometer wind, it is composed of three to 120 & deg; Fixed on the bracket of the parabolic taper part of induction, the empty cup empty cup of concave forward a direction. The induction part installed on a vertical axis, in under the action of wind, the wind cup axis is proportional to the speed of the wind speed to rotate. Another rotating anemometer is propeller type anemometer, composed by a 3 leaf or four propellers induction part, install it in a bellwether of the front, to make it at any time on the wind. Blade around the horizontal axis is proportional to the speed of the wind speed to rotate.

anemometer application is very extensive, can flexible use in all fields, are widely used in electric power, steel, petrochemical, energy saving etc, and other applications in the Beijing Olympic Games, sailing, rowing race, the wild shooting games and so on all need anemometer is measured. Now the anemometer is more advanced, in addition to measure wind speed at the same time can also measure air temperature, air velocity. There are a lot of industry needs to use anemometer, it is recommended to use the industry: sea fishing industry, all kinds of fan manufacturing, need convulsions of exhaust system, etc.

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