The wind cup type anemometer

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-29

wind speed measuring instrument & ndash; — The wind cup anemometer

it is one of the most common kind of anemometer. Rotor type anemometer was first invented by the British Robinson, at that time is four cups, then switch to three cups. Three parabolic degree of each other into fixed on the shelves or hemispherical empty cup along the side, along with the entire perimeter wind cup in a free rotation axis. In the role of the wind cup pivoting downwind, its speed is proportional to the wind speed. Speed can be electricity contact, such as tachogenerator or photoelectric counter records.

propeller anemometer

it is a set of 3 leaf or 4 propellers horizontal axis rotate anemometer. Propellers is installed in the front of a wind mark, make its rotating the plane directly to the wind of anemometer to, its speed is proportional to the wind speed.

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