The wind speed sensor installation method and steps

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-21

the installation of the wind speed sensor

the wind sensor, wind speed sensor fixed on the cross arm after installed in the wind. Wind comes in many forms, common is composed of three metal circular tube can be placed in to put down wind. Cross arm on both ends of the cylinder of built-in above the seven core and twelve core plug used to connect wind speed sensor and the wind sensor, respectively. Beam end in a 12 core cable plug below the cylinder, used to connect to the terminal wind speed of 12 core cable. Install the following sequence of wind speed sensor;

1, the assembly sensor

reading sensor manufacturers written instruction for use, will break up the packaging according to the requirement of the specifications of sensor is assembled. Then, in the interior will wind speed sensor is installed on the cross arm corresponding cylinder.

2, assemble, wind bar

a, hinged fixed installation in wind stem base, adjust good level with two M20 nut fastening;

b, on the ground are three round metal rod according to the thickness in a row, to fix the wind sensor cable through the hinged seat

3, installation of the wind sensor

a, at the top of the rod wind installed wind sensor of the base;

b, will the wind sensor is installed in the wind on top of the stem base. If the cross arm level with the ground, cross arm in north and south, to consider the prevailing winds, to compute the transverse arm Angle with the ground, in order to make the wind sensor can refer to the north.

4, install lightning protection devices

install the lightning rod in the bar at the top of the wind, with copper screws to fix down lead to the lightning rod. If the grounding device under the wind lever, downlead down wind rod appearance; If the grounding device under the base lasso, downlead down line. Every 1 m, wire clasp.

5, vertical wind rod

when vertical wind lever should be many people work together, and in the wind stem lodging can not stand.

6, direction check

with the mirror behind the refers to the North Pole on the wind direction sensor is refers to the north, a slight error can loosen the screw feet, slightly turn the whole root rod wind, make the ones on the wind direction sensor refers to the north. If the error is very big, in the wind, turn the cross arm. After the wind right, should check whether the wind lever vertical, can tighten or loosen lasso to adjust.

7, completion check

should not particularly tight or loose extra lasso, all the screws are tightened.

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