The working principle of intelligent pressure wind speed air flow meter

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-04

intelligent wind speed wind pressure air flow meter JX1000 - 1 f ( Intelligent pressure air flow meter) Is through the principle of differential pressure measurement of wind speed and air volume, so no pitot tube will not be able to wind speed airflow digital direct reading, is a kind of highly stable multi-function measuring instrument, applicable to 2000 pa within the scope of the positive pressure, negative pressure and differential pressure of the gas measurement, is the environmental monitoring station, laboratory, medicine and health care, building air conditioning heating, ventilation, clean room pressure of the ideal instrument, test or calibration with epithelial custody can be read directly measuring gas flow rate and air flow ( If you have any special range can be customized, can add 232 interface) Our company specializing in the production of a complete set of products, accessories pitot tube production, pitot life in 3 - general Chinese LCD display, full Chinese menu type operation. Pressure, wind speed and wind quantity direct reading. Can enter skin coefficient of pipe, air density, tuyere area. In U. S. imports of micro pressure sensor, ultra-low power microcomputer, high performance instrumentation amplifier. Full touch keys, digital zero, backlight control. Portable, multi-function, high resolution, high accuracy, high stability. With functions of measurement value of temperature compensation and intelligent numerical stability. Low battery voltage indicator, super pressure range scale. Using three 5 alkaline batteries can work 200 hours continuously. Scope of work stress:

a) Pa within various range (0-3000 Note: special specification can be customized, 0 - 80000Pa) )

b) Wind speed range: & lt; 57m/s。

c) Air volume range: & lt; 999999 m3 / h。 Zui large overload capacity: & le; Weight: < 0. Dimension: 70; 150; 30 ( 毫米) Measurement report


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