The working principle of the automatic meteorological station is how automatic monitoring environment

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-19

automatic meteorological station has strong center software to monitor management functions.

automatic meteorological station center the idea of object-oriented system analysis and design, software development based on the Windows platform, the use of object-oriented programming tools and analytical tools, software products mature and advanced, good expansion, friendly interface, safe and reliable, high real-time characteristic. Software support wired and wireless communications, data collection, processing, communication, storage, and message uploading, and other functions. Software adopts object-oriented design ideas at the same time, the software interface humanization design, users can customize all kinds of alarm threshold and display mode.

automatic meteorological station for a variety of power supply mode, Communication, solar energy, wind turbines, etc. ) ; Improving the environmental adaptability of the equipment.

automatic meteorological station has a variety of local and remote communication mode, local communication ( RS232、RS484/422) Cable communications, remote ( PSTN, ADSL, optical fiber, etc. ) And the remote wireless communication ( SMS, GPRS, CDMA1X, satellite DCP, etc. ) Can be applied at the same time.

automatic meteorological station has early warning function with severe weather and road conditions when measuring indicators exceed the user setting threshold, the elements of the meteorological monitoring system will alarm information as the first priority to central station monitoring platform, center after receiving the alarm data using sound, light and other forms prompt manager.

automatic meteorological station has a flexible architecture can be extended to any system, the building block is used to design the system hardware, observation elements according to the requirements of observation point flexible configuration, reserved sensor interface to increase other observation elements of potential demand in the future. System software design according to the future business development plan, strengthen the extension ability and the compatibility of system, fully guarantee constantly improve the observation task and demand.

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