The working principle of the digital atmospheric pressure gauge

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-05

digital atmospheric pressure gauge is my company after years of independent research and development of a new generation of digital atmospheric pressure gauge. The product with low power consumption MCU and import high precision pressure sensor of an atmospheric pressure, humidity, temperature detection system, digital LCD double row display, intuitive and convenient to measure the atmospheric pressure, temperature, and humidity, at the same time has a data record, exquisite packaging, easy to carry, measurement accuracy and wide range of USES, are widely used in scientific research, military, meteorology, environmental monitoring, laboratory, medical and other fields.

digital atmospheric pressure gauges product features:

1, easy to carry, measurement accuracy, double row liquid crystal display, digital direct reading

2, imported high precision, micro pressure, temperature and humidity sensor 3, range beyond instructions, power battery display

4, using low function consumption MCU 5, RS232 communication interface, PC application software

atmospheric pressure gauge using method

1 when using, please place the aneroid barometer level.

2 readings please with your fingers gently buckle type instrument shell or surface of glass, in order to eliminate the friction transmission mechanism.

3 watch pointer with mirror pointer overlap, referred to in the pointer value number is the pressure said, reading to a decimal Numbers.

4 reading on the gauge temperature value, to a decimal Numbers.

5 air pressure value of a number: read instrument air pressure said value can be used only after the following corrections.

6 temperature correction: due to the change of environmental temperature, will influence on the instrument metal elastic, so the temperature correction must be conducted. Order when the temperature can be calculated by the following: delta Pt = a. Delta Pt - t type - - - - - - Temperature as a - - - - - - - Temperature coefficient values ( Verification certificate attached) 第t - - - - - - - The thermometer reading

7 degrees correction, because the supers and nonlinear transmission, when the pressure change can produce, refers to the error of so corrections must be indicated in degrees. Calculate method: according to the order as shown in degrees, on the calibration certificate within the scope of air pressure values corresponding to said: with the interpolation method to find the value reduction of delta value for ps

8 supplementary correction: to eliminate the residual deformation of aneroid on the impact of value from the calibration certificate replenished order when the delta pd

after reduction of the pressure value can be made of the type shows: p = ps + ( △pt +△p +△pd)


JX - 01

JX - 02 - JX> < / p 03

the atmospheric pressure













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