The working principle of ultrasonic anemometer

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-29

the working principle of ultrasonic anemometer

the kinds of wuhan anemometer is more, suitable for different environmental monitoring situation, the following is to introduce the working principle of ultrasonic anemometer.

ultrasonic instrument is used to send sonic pulse, wind speed and direction measurement time or frequency at the receiving end, Doppler shift) The difference to calculate wind speed and direction of sensors or measurement devices.

according to the size of the products, the use of habits or specific application environment, called ultrasonic wind speed sensor, or ultrasonic anemometer, also called ultrasonic anemometer or ultrasonic anemometer ( 超声波风速计) 。 Working principle of the

ultrasonic wind is an application of ultrasonic technology in gas medium, it USES the speed of ultrasonic wave in air is air flow ( The wind) To measure the influence of wind speed. With conventional wind cup or rotor anemometer compared the biggest characteristic of this measurement method is no mechanical moving parts, the whole wind system belongs to no inertial measurement, it can accurately measure the natural wind gust fluctuating high frequency components, combined with modern computer technology, can reveal the characteristics of natural wind on a higher level to improve the ability to resist the wind disaster reduction and wind resources reasonable use has great significance.

sound waves ( Ultrasonic) Mechanical vibration propagation in the medium is the propagation speed inevitably affected by media's own movement if in wind field along the X direction parallel to two pairs of ultrasonic transducer, T 1, 2 for launch, T R 1, 2 R for receiving, they are separated by L.

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