Thermal anemometer measurement method

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-25

the experiment mainly aimed at somewhere wind speed measurement. Suitable for ventilation and air conditioning factory enterprise, environment pollution monitoring, aerodynamic test, civil construction, agriculture, forestry and meteorological observation and other scientific research departments such as wind speed measurement.

is based on the heated object, in the air is cooled, its working temperature for this principle of design wind speed function. The instrument by the anemometer probe and measurement indicator instrument in two parts.

specific working principle is as follows:

wind speed sensor for sensitive components, when a constant current flow through the heating coil, the sensitive components, temperature and in still air reaches a certain value. Measuring element thermocouple at this point, produced the corresponding thermoelectric potential, and was transferred to the measurement indicator system, the benchmark of the thermoelectric potential and the circuit of the voltage offset each other, make the output signal is zero, meter pointer accordingly refers to zero. If the wind speed probe end of heat sensitive components are exposed to the air flow, due to heat exchange, the change will cause the thermocouple thermoelectric potential, and after the comparison with the benchmark against potential weak difference signal, the signal is measuring amplifier and push meter indicating instrument system, by the pointer value can be read out the size of the measured wind speed.

( 1) The instrument, so that direct key switch is in in situ ( Up) 。

( 2) Adjust the meter mechanical zero point, make something refers to the zero.

( 3) Place the probe length rod vertical, make its heat sensitive components in the rod tube, and insert the plug of wind speed sensor of the probe socket.

( 4) Press the power key (straight First from the left) Adjusting the amplifier zero, potentiometer pointer refers to zero.

( 5) Press switch (under 1 m/s straight Second from left) Zero adjustment potentiometer make pointer refers to the zero adjustment.

( 6) Preheat the ten minutes, and repeat the above steps, before the measurement.

( 7) Low wind speed, 0. 05~1m/s) After preheating, after calibration and wind speed sensor can be pull rod end heat sensitive components, exposing it to measured air flow, pay attention to the vertical rod, and make it have a silk top side on the air blowing direction ( As shown in figure 3) Shown below, by parameter values read wind speed meter.

( 8) High wind speed ( 1m/s~30m/s) ( 1m/s~10m/s) Wind speed than lm/s, press the 30 m/s10m/s, straight key switch ( Third from the left) Can reading. ( At this time all buttons in the pressed state) 。

( 9) Use straight key switch all key should be from left to right in turn reset. Wind speed probe heat sensitive components pull rod all parts in the rod tube, and dial the plug into the instrument box under the original position.

( 10) Battery installation;

use machine inside the battery, when installation should pay attention to the polarity can't put wrong.

when using an external power supply, note the plug wire and splice should be correct, the power supply voltage should be consistent with 4. 5 v to 6 v requirements

experimental data

the tester according to the actual wind speed measurement, choose low speed or high speed adjusting button, and test at least three times or more, excluding the rough data, averaged for the last wind speed value.

wind speed measurement experiment, the key research and related parameters determination of wind speed in a monitor environment. By master wind speed measurement techniques and data processing for the students to engage in a variety of wind speed measurement of environmental parameters detection in industry will play an important role.

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