Three minutes to understand infrared thermal imager

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-03
3 minutes to understand the infrared thermal imager release date: 2020 - 03 - 23 goring

in 1800, English astronomer herschel discovered infrared light. Since then, with the theory of infrared radiation, infrared detector and infrared optical development, infrared technology has become an important part of modern optoelectronic technology.

infrared exists in any corner of the nature. In fact, any temperature above absolute zero objects all the time kept with infrared radiation. Infrared technology early was in the military, because it provides the observation in the dark, military targets its own radiation detection, and to the possibility of secret communication.


basic principle of infrared thermal imager

the infrared thermal imager as infrared technology landmark achievement, not only played a vital role in the military and in civilian areas also comes in. In addition to have night vision function, the infrared thermal imager can realize the whole image plane distance accurate temperature measurement.

figure various types of infrared thermal imaging technology products

with the traditional infrared thermometer multi-point temperature measurement, compared to average infrared thermal imager can obtain real-time holographic surface temperature distribution. The infrared thermal imager by 8 - from passive objects 14 long wave infrared radiation signal, using photoelectric technology converts the signals into available for the infrared images of the human visual resolution, and calculates the numerical temperature, the temperature distribution in the object state directly.

units, the infrared thermal imager are usually made of focusing/variable times components, internal heterogeneity correction components ( Hereinafter referred to as the calibration components) , imaging circuit components and infrared detector/chiller components that are core components of infrared detector early by foreign monopoly.

as domestic manufacturers continuously explore excellent infrared thermal imager, independent research and development and production of detector, the cost is reduced, the thermal imager in the commercial sector boom. Including Shanghai giant brother electronic technology co. , LTD as infrared thermal imaging technology of high-tech enterprises, is one of the domestic with independent detector infrared, the infrared thermal imager is not only convert temperature field to visual images, and to achieve the long-term stable operation in all kinds of harsh conditions, shows its excellent reliability and intelligent algorithms and big data analysis, 4 in the industry. The era provides a new solution.


the typical application of infrared thermal imager

power system

in the field of electrical equipment inspection maintenance, using infrared thermal imager for all electrical equipment, power distribution system ( Including high pressure contactor, fuse plate, the main power supply circuit breaker plate, contactor) And all the distribution lines, motor, transformer, such as infrared thermal imaging, can guarantee the operation of all electrical equipment does not exist latent heat, can effectively prevent accidents such as fire or shut-down.

rail transit

as the city high speed development of high-speed railway, subway, entered the era of network operating efficiency behind the hidden danger is concomitant, nip in the bud, how to reduce the subway failure, must be the most worthy of our thought. High speed rail, subway is provided by power supply system, the energy needed by the contact between pantograph and catenary wire and will lead to the locomotive, electric current and traction train operation. Because between pantograph and transmission wire is a kind of elastic contact, in the event of poor contact or release, will reduce the power train traction motor or simply lose current, causing the train to slow down or even stop. Through high-speed real-time infrared thermal imager, infrared heat can collect up to 100 the number of seconds, coupled with the backend intelligent analysis algorithm, it can real-time monitor the working state of the pantograph, early warning of potential failure and fever, thus effectively avoid the happening of the accident.

smart phone accessories

the infrared thermal imager in the ascendant in the field of industrial development, but frequently tens of thousands of yuan price for ordinary consumers away. Based on independent research and development at the core of the detector will bring costs down, consumer thermal imaging camera geared to the needs of the market. Such as big brother electronic launch of infrared thermal imaging camera C1, will be the price down to two thousand yuan the following, let ordinary android mobile phone into a portable infrared thermal imager.



along with our country economy sustainable development and expansion of infrared imaging products market demand for the infrared thermal imager is strong. Because of the infrared thermal imager products are widely used, the future market demand for the infrared thermal imager will also maintain a steady growth trend.

core detector based on independent research and development of cost advantage, the infrared thermal imager in addition to the traditional industrial applications realize mass, in the emerging industry promotion for infrared manufacturers also will face the opportunities and challenges, rising demand for miniaturization, intelligent products, not only need our constant innovation breakthrough on hardware, and satisfy more customer needs on the software function.

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