Tilt declined the use and maintenance of pressure gauge

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-06
When using the instrument from the inside out, place on the work smoothly and without vibration table, adjust the instrument bottom left and right two levels to adjust machine feet, make the instrument in a horizontal position, will tilt measuring tube according to the measured values on the curved plates with corresponding numerical on constant factor. Unscrew is charging on the container cover, slowly add the density of 0. 810 grams of alcohol/cubic centimeter, 95% of the alcohol) Make the liquid level in the tilt measuring scribed line on the tube near the zero point, then tighten the top of the charging to set the valve in the pressure, with rubber tube on the valve + pressure joint, with pressure balloon blowing gently rubber tube, tipping the measuring tube liquid level rises to close to the top, left out in the positive pressure containers and tilt measuring pipe between the air bubbles, repeatedly, until the bubble row. Set back the valve calibration, twisted calibration on the surface of the liquid zero zero adjustment knob. If the button has spin to zui low position, still cannot make the liquid level to zero, then add too little amount of alcohol, should add alcohol and make the liquid level to slightly higher than zero, then use a knob calibration liquid level to zero, and vice versa and alcohol too much, can be gently blow on the pressure valve + sub set of rubber tube, excessive alcohol from above tilt measuring tube joint overflow. When measuring the valves on the pressure, such as the measured pressure is higher than the atmospheric pressure, measured pressure tubes connect on the pressure valve + joint; Measured pressure is lower than the atmospheric pressure, such as should be joint between the valve and tilt measuring tube connected with rubber tube, the upper joint measured pressure tubes connect on valves - pressure joint; Such as measuring pressure difference, will be measured by the high pressure on the valve + pressure joint, low pressure pipe joint on valves - pressure joint, valve in the middle joint and tilt measurements at the top of the pipe joint with rubber tube through. Measurement in the process, if you would like to check level zero if have change, could check valves can be allocated to calibration. After use, such as still need to continue to use in the short term, the container storage of alcohol without discharge, but it must be with the valve handle to calibration, in order to avoid alcohol volatile change alcohol density, such as the need to discharge container storage by alcohol, then the valve handle to pressure, puts the vessels of the serving alcohol tilt measurement at the top of the tube, joint gently blow on the pressure valve + sub set of rubber tube, tilting alcohol along the upper sounding pipe joint discharge, until the row. Pressure gauge of the maintenance 1 tilt weakness. Often should keep clean pressure gauge, pressure gauge is not on the humidity of environment, so as to avoid rust. 2. Quick connector and the lower micromanometer o-ring damaged more easily, and if found leakage should be replaced. 3. Oil cup liquid level should be higher than the oil cup often filter cover on the end face, if a slip-up, air will enter the micro pressure meter, micromanometer failure. Then should loosen micromanometer feed joint, make the air along with the fluid flow and flow, when the liquid is continuous outflow, can tighten the joint, resume the function of micro pressure gauge
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