To correctly select pitot anemometer measurement point section

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-01
To correctly select pitot anemometer measurement point section pitot anemometer method of use: 1, pitot anemometer static pressure type joint marked number, and note the pitot tube on the identification of single factor. Identification of single should keep for a long time for accounting. 2, when the measurement shall be the total pressure port on the airflow direction, to point to the pole. Measurement points into the hole should be to prevent air leakage and prevent airflow on the section that trouble. According to the specification pipe measurement skills, should be reasonably selected measuring point of the measurement section. 3, pitot anemometer can only be measured on the pipeline section velocity of one point, but the accounting flow with uniform velocity, because cross section flow distribution is not uniform, and therefore should be more measuring points on the cross section, in order to obtain uniform value. Measuring point by flue ( Pipe) Measurement rules, according to a linear logarithmic 'method to distinguish, can also according to the commonly used equal area to differentiate. The diameter of the 4, pitot anemometer specification selection principle is measured pipeline diameter ratio, and is not greater than zero. 02. In order to avoid in trouble, make error increases. Don't let the pitot tube measurement is close to the wall. 5, to correctly select measurement point section, to ensure the measuring point straight pipe in steady flow activity. Therefore, the measurement section near to the flow direction of the elbow, valve, variable diameter abnormity tube parts such as more than four times the pipe diameter. From parts of the downstream direction Angle and variable diameter structure should be greater than 2 times the pipe diameter. Pitot anemometer features: 1, Chinese LCD display, full Chinese menu type operation. 2, pressure, wind speed, air volume value direct reading. 3, can enter skin coefficient of pipe, air density, tuyere area. 4, in U. S. imports of micro pressure sensor, ultra-low power microcomputer, high performance instrumentation amplifier. 5, all touch keys, digital zero, backlight control. 6, portable, multi-function, high resolution, high accuracy, high stability. 7, with functions of measurement value of temperature compensation and intelligent numerical stability. 8, low battery voltage indicator, super pressure range scale. 9, using three 5 alkaline batteries can work 200 hours continuously.
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