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by:HoldPeak     2020-04-11
Amp-LineCorp.Production of general and dedicated power amplifiers and power supplies in audio and ultra-audioSound frequency (RF) range.Power supply is often called the source of power.It is a device or system that provides power or other forms of energy to an output load or a set of loads, called the Power Controller PSU.
Electricity flows mainly in two ways: AC or AC current and DC or DC current.They are in-The movement of electrons along the conductor.On the other hand, the only change in direction between AC and DClies is that AC keeps moving electrons in a charming way, and DC is in a stable single track.
The AC power supply is mainly used for long-distance power transmission to different power companies.Since the transformers of these companies require high voltage, a power supply is required, where As, DC provide current on small transformersscale basis.ACpower is now used all over the world.AC power reverse in reality.In the United States, the current is the full cycle of 60 times per second.
In the United States, several homes are high-power devices connected with a 240 VAC.The main benefit is that for similar power consumption, 240 VAC requires only half of the 120 VAC current, which in turn reduces the resistance power consumption in the wire that provides the current.AC power is more popular than DC power: AC power has the potential to supply power on a large scale.
They are more convenient and cost-effective than DC potential production.DC is still ideal in areas where the requirements are relatively low, such as flashlights, mobile systems and cars, but commercial power plants still produce AC power supplies because they are very cheap and reliable.AC power can be converted to a higher or lower potential, and even a transformer can enhance or reduce the AC power supply to any value required for work.
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