Vane tutorial

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-21

simple vane manufacture

a little bit more simple, an indicator of how to making vane made below small make up, is to introduce the related content briefly.

here can introduce two kinds of simple and easy method, the early stage of the first need to prepare related materials, needs to have a thick paper, you also need to have a bottle, the bottle should be above the cork, also need to have knitting needles, cap, match sticks, toothpicks, sand and so on. When ready to do a good job after, to get into the link, you need to cut into thick paper in the direction of a style icon, and then put the knitting needles with cork bottle inside, it is important to note that the tip should be up, then inside the bottle filled with sand,

at the top of the bottle cork in place, plug in represent the direction of four toothpicks. Then put the paper arrows on a fixed, it sets on knitting needle, such a simple indicator is made. When making an indicator, also need to pay attention to some things, or we will have influence on the effects of vane.

a bellwether of the head and the tail at the time of production, it is important to note that the tail should be larger than the area of the header, probably is the double of the headers, when there is wind, the tail will rotate with the wind, the header will aim to the wind. The tail wings should appropriate bending, so an indicator points to the effect will be better.

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