Weather instrument application analysis

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-07

weather instrument applications 1, portable weather instrument to collect wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, air pressure, the five elements of meteorological parameters, such as 2, microcomputer meteorological data acquisition device with meteorological data acquisition, real-time clock, storage, liquid crystal display function. 3, solar power supply cable communications and GPRS wireless data communication function 4 with weather, weather, computer network management, weather database, weather chart shows statistical analysis

agricultural meteorological instrument function characteristics: small beautiful and easy to carry, touch button, large screen dot matrix LCD display, easy operation, full Chinese menu operation, the operation simple and convenient. One-click switching, you can manually record also can set the sampling interval, at any time from the computer automatically record data. Real-time display function, the instrument is connected to the computer, can real-time display parameters curve on the computer. With manual, automatic and computer lock can choose three kinds of model, three kinds of mode the user can set according to need. Ac/dc, can get the field measurement data at any time, can also be placed for a long time record. Data save powerful, zui can store 130000 data ( Two parameters for 65000 group, namely three parameters for 43000 group, namely four parameters is 32500 sets, and so on) , can see the data on the host, also can be introduced into the computer. Power cuts have been stored in the host data is not lost. Computer software is a powerful data processing function, can collect data form a graph, visual display. Can also be used to collect data stored as EXCEL spreadsheet file, convenient for users to save and process the data, or by using special software for data processing, draw the bar chart, pie chart, printing, etc. , * free software upgrades. Probe consistent, different parameters of the probe socket interchangeable, does not affect the accuracy. Instrument has 32 channels at the same time, the expansion of the detection function, can realize multi-point synchronous detection

test time: & le; Article 2 seconds record capacity: 120000 data ( Two parameters for 60000 group, namely three parameters for 40000 group, namely four parameters is 30000 sets, and so on) Record time interval: 2 seconds to 24 hours continuous adjustable communication interface: RS - Battery: 485 4 5 batteries, ac power a

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