what are the main types of dc/dc power supply converter?

by:HoldPeak     2020-04-13
Power Converter helps stepup, step-
Reduce or reverse a given voltage level.
For example, a DC-
Change 12 V to 1 v dc converter. 5, 4. 5, 7.
5 or 9 volts are useful in automotive applications;
Those laptops that lift 2 volts to 15, 18 or 20 volts are used to charge the laptop from the power point of the car.
Power Converter (DC/DC)
: Basic types although the types of converters are different, the two basic types of DC/DC converters are: 1.
Isolation: these converters feature an electrical barrier between input and output.
The barrier is provided by a high-frequency transformer that can withstand several hundred volts to several thousand volts.
The output of the isolated converter can be positive or negative, which is useful in medical applications.
These devices have different types and configurations.
The two basic types are forward and forward.
Both sensors operate using the energy stored in the inductor\'s magnetic field. 1.
Anti-excitation: in this type of power converter, the transformer is used to store energy, not a single inductor.
It has two separate stages for energy storage and output delivery.
The magnetic flux of the transformer winding never reverses in polarity;
Therefore, in order to avoid the resulting magnetic saturation, the core must be large enough for a given power level.
These devices are used for applications with lower power, such as cathode ray tubes and Geiger counter tubes, which absorb less current. 2.
Forward: The transformer transmits energy between input and output in one step.
This power converter can be steppedup or step-
Or provide a combination of the two.
For multiple outputs, only the conduction of the secondary winding needs to be controlled.
Applications include automotive amplifiers, where the battery voltage rises in order to obtain a higher amplifier output. 2. Non-
Isolation: also known as load converter points, these voltages rise or fall at a low rate.
These ICs are specifically used for this purpose and have a DC path between its output and input.
The five main types of non-isolated converters are: Buck, boost, buck-
Boost, Cuk and charge pump.
When the buck voltage drops, the boost voltage rises. Buck-
Boost and Cuk can increase the voltage and reduce the voltage.
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