What are the role and characteristics of the pv station?

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-21

what are the features of photovoltaic station?

photovoltaic station, also known as photovoltaic meteorological environment monitoring system, it is the collection of data acquisition, transmission, storage and management and so on many functions in one of the best device, and it also can be according to the actual needs of the user to set up and adjust observation elements, practicality is very strong. Then, the stability of the pv station also has what function?

a, strong anti-interference ability

pv station adopts advanced waterproof design and high performance microprocessor, the thunder, rain and snow, and electrostatic problems can be solved effectively, able to resist the nature of environmental interference. And it also with ac/dc power supply way and form a complete set of solar power supply system, guarantee the normal work of the system. Moreover, even if the accident of power outage, pv station under the condition of power can be keep and store the data automatically, effectively prevent the accident loss;

2, communication way more

pv station has a variety of communication methods, with GPRS, RS485 and various transmission mode, can perfectly realize the remote control and data transmission to give customers more choice, will be more convenient for the customer;

three, with the hardware and software

the various parts of the sensor installation and operation is convenient, can be an overall track record on observation elements, low consumption, long time record. Pv station PC management software of visual interface can be intuitive, accurate display groups of monitoring data, Settings, can automatically by the printer to print store data, generate standard meteorological graphic reports are generated from computer calculation and statistical analysis of curve, data is stored as EXCEL standard format, for other software calls inquiry.

in conclusion, the pv station has a strong anti-jamming capability, communication methods, such as simple operation features, so the reaction speed, not only in practice high measuring precision, to monitor the quality of observation elements can also be continuous, stable performance is very high. In addition, good after-sale pv station can also provide maintenance and repair services, in the late is very convenient, worry.

what are the advantages of photovoltaic station?

at present, the photovoltaic (pv) can be seen in many places the weather stations, its for our life and production provide a lot of convenient. But most are very few, and understanding of pv stations so there is awareness deviation on it. Underneath, small make up for you to introduce what are the advantages of stable photovoltaic station, hope will be helpful to you.

a, high accuracy

observation system radiation instruments used in the international organization for standardization ( ISO) Could satisfy the requirement of specification and WMO table on various radiation instrument as part of their daily business work with the instrument, the radiation equipment form a complete set of devices and photovoltaic station adopt the latest technology, also in the radiation with forced ventilation equipment, it may cause the thermal deviation of uncertain factors to a minimum. These fine instruments used to ensure the accuracy of the data, and trustworthy.

2, reliability

pv station adopts excellent electromagnetic compatibility design and strict environmental adaptability design makes it even in bad environment, the reliability of the measurement data can be guaranteed. In addition, the pv station in terms of accuracy of measurement, calibration and strictly follow can achieve the highest standards in our country, at the same time will provide the most modern surface radiation flux of continuous, long-term and frequent sampling measurement. Photovoltaic station, therefore, good reputation and stable and reliable, and trustworthy. Three, flexibility,

on the hardware adopts modular design, flexible configuration according to the requirements of observation point observation elements, all of the automatic meteorological station has scalability to increase other observation elements of potential demand in the future. Software design according to the meteorological standard for future business development planning system, strengthen the system expansion ability and the compatibility, can satisfy the customer, the task and demand for ground observation.

in conclusion, the pv station with high precision, reliability and flexibility advantages, can provide more reliable and accurate for customers in various fields of observation data, for the following analysis and research to provide more reliable basis. In addition, the practicability of photovoltaic station is also very strong, can be widely used in the study, agriculture and other fields.

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