What are the wind anemometer function can be used

by:HoldPeak     2020-05-17

the anemometer of simple introduction

a. Overview

the instrument designed for portable three cup type wind anemometer, instrument measuring part adopts the technology of single chip, can measure the instantaneous wind speed at the same time, the average wind speed, the instantaneous wind scale, average wind scale and the corresponding wave higher five parameters. The instrument used in LCD screens for professional custom, domestic original, the measurement parameters and measurement units directly use Chinese character display on the LCD screen, and the number of measurements show up to 18 mm, facilitate teaching demonstration is observed over a long distance.

this instrument adopts the low power design and using the liquid crystal ( LCD) Show that greatly reduces the power consumption of the instrument. And with data latch function, easy reading, in the north wind part adopts the automatic device, measurement without artificial to the north, simplify the measuring operation. Instrument has small volume, light weight, complete functions, power saving, characters, direct display, the advantages of convenient to carry, etc, can be widely used in agriculture and forestry, environment, Marine, scientific research in areas such as measuring the atmospheric wind parameters.

2. The main technical indicators:

1. Wind speed index

1) Wind speed measuring range: 0 ~ 30 m/s,

2) Wind velocity measurement precision, the error is not more than & plusmn; ( 0. 3 + 0. 03. V) M/s ( V— The actual wind speed)

3) Wind speed sensor start wind speed: no greater than zero. 8 m/s

4) Can display parameters of wind speed:

the instantaneous wind speed, the average wind speed, the instantaneous wind scale, average wind scale, corresponding to the wave height

5) Display resolution: 0. 1 m/s ( Wind speed)

1, Wind scale)

0。 1 m ( Waves of)

6) Function and units directly display Chinese characters

display digital height: 18 mm

2. The wind index

1) The wind measurement range: 0 ~ 360 & deg; 16 bearing

2) Wind direction measurement precision, the error is not more than & plusmn; 1/2 bearing

3) Wind direction sensor start wind speed: no greater than 1. 0 m/s

4) The wind set north: automatically

3. Environmental requirements

1) Working environment temperature: 0 ~ 45 & deg; C

2) Work environment humidity: & le; 90% rh ( No condensation)

4。 Power supply:

1) The power supply voltage: 4. Section 5 # 5 v dry cell 3

2) The average power flow: & le; 5mA( The power of 4. 5V)

5。 Size by weight:

1) Dimension: 400; 100; 100毫米

2) Weight: 0. 5 kg

3. Working principle:

1. Wind section

wind part by protecting the dial of the springback plunger. Whole structure by the vane, wind axis and the dial, etc, in the direction of the wind the magnet on the dial and the direction of the wind scale of magnetic compass is used to determine the direction of the wind direction. The lock knob and rotate to the right location, the springback plunger to dial down the wind, make the cone into contact with pivot jewel bearing, at this time the wind scale will automatically set the north. Wind direction by wind on the pointer in the direction of the wind dial value to determine the stability of the position. When left lock knob and make its upward rebound reset, springback plunger will wind dial jacking and locate in the upper instrument, and make the cone with pivot jewel bearing separation, in order to protect the wind dial and bearing and pivot from being damaged. ( Note: when the instrument must be prompt reply after using the state)

2。 Wind speed section

wind speed sensor USES is the traditional two cup spinning frame structure. It will wind speed into the speed of the rotating frame. In order to reduce the start-up wind speed, the use of special material light wind cup and jewel bearing support. Through fixed on the rack device after sensors to measure the signals to the host.

instrument in the single chip microcomputer to the wind sensor output signal sampling, correction, calculation, finally by the instantaneous wind speed instrument output/minute average wind speed/instantaneous wind scale/minute average wind scale/average wind scale corresponding to the waves of five parameters. Measured parameters in the instrument used on LCD digital display directly. To reduce the power consumption of instrument, instrument of the sensor and MCU has adopted a series of measures to reduce power consumption. In order to ensure reliable data, when the supply voltage is too low, lower battery tag display power shortage, prompt the user power supply voltage is too low, data is not reliable, need to replace the battery in time.

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