What factors to consider when choosing infrared thermometer?

by:HoldPeak     2020-06-01
What factors to consider when choosing infrared thermometer?

a) should consider the following factors Type

according to the requirements, the optional hand-held ( Portable) Or stationary ( On-line) 。

a handheld thermometer features: small volume, light weight, battery power supply, suitable for portable, may at any time to detect and record temperature, optical sight or laser aiming device, operation is very simple, only a trigger gently can temperature measurement.

fixed thermometer features: fixed installation in the industrial field, can 24 hours of continuous monitoring, connected to the computer, the closed-loop control. Equipped with protective sleeve and air cooling and water cooling device, can be in bad environment and under the condition of the high temperature of 315 ℃.

b) Temperature measurement range

thermometer range to meet the use requirement.

c) Distance coefficient

distance coefficient D: S is the distance between the analyte thermometer and the ratio of the analyte and diameter. This coefficient is larger, shows that the higher the thermometer optical resolution. That measure the same object, the bigger the distance coefficient of temperature measuring instrument, can farther distance measurement.

in general, big thermometer distance coefficient, high sensitivity, the price also higher.

d) Zui small target

when the measured object is small, consider the thermometer zui small measuring target can satisfy the use requirement.

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